Summer activities for kids



The summer in Geilo is anything but boring! Here, the children can, among other things, try their hand at being cyclists, zookeepers, climbers and so much more.

If you want to try flow motion paths for the first time, Geilo has a blue-graded 4 km long flow motion path with lots of cool 180 degree turns, bumps and jumps. You will also find the popular pump track nearby. In Dagali you can raft in Norway's third longest river, experience Geilo and Hallingskarvet from the horseback, or experience the feeling of flying in a 1100m long zipline, just to name a few!

Climbing park, Horseback riding & Rafting


Family rafting takes place in areas with a safe and calm river, with fun waves and small rapids that make the trip exciting for both young and old. Challenge yourself with climbing, balancing and experience a rush when you throw yourself into the Tarzan net. Or experience Geilo and beautiful Budalen from the horseback.

Horse riding in Budalen

Horseback Riding

Summer and Autumn Offer Fantastic Riding Experiences in the Mountains

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Geilo Summer Park

The Summer Park - the mountain`s most fun playground! Here, the whole family can enjoy themselves at the High Rope Course, take a 1,100-meter...

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Rafting in Geilo


In Dagali, you will find one of the best rafting rivers in Europe. A river that offers something for everyone, from the family to those seeking...

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Sykkel, Pumptrack & Stisykling



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Activities for big and small kids,


Do you want to create memories together that you will remember for a long time, how about trying an activity a little out of the ordinary? Below are our recommendations for a family activity that suits everyone, both young and old!

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Husky meet and greet
30 Nov - 15 Oct

Husky meet and greet

Visit Geilo Huskys kennel with huskies, hounds and puppies

Fish Gourmet
30 Nov - 30 Sep

Fish Gourmet

Fishing experience with local food. Suitable for everyone, especially the food-lover! 

Høyt & Lavt in Geilo summer park - Day pass

Høyt & Lavt in Geilo summer park - Day pass

01 Dec - 29 Aug


Combine your hike with a boat trip in the National Park!

Langedrag Naturpark - Entrance ticket
30 Nov - 18 Feb

Langedrag Naturpark - Entrance ticket

A unique experience with over 350 animals spread over 25 different species in their natural habitat....

Other activities for kids,


Is the weather bad? Or do you want to see what Geilo has to offer for children in autumn and winter too? Below you will find all indoor activities such as bowling, water parks and restaurants, as well as all autumn and winter activities suitable for children of all ages.

Bowling at Bowl and Dine

Indoor activities

If the weather is bad, it is good that Geilo can offer some indoor activities. How about a relaxing spa and massage treatment, or what about...

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Autumn activities for kids

Autumn at Geilo is anything but boring! Here the children can try their hand at being pilots, dog handlers, rafters, zookeepers and so much more.

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Winter activities for kids

Winter in Geilo is anything but boring! Here, children can try being dog handlers, alpine skiers, sled drivers, animal caretakers and so much...

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