Cross-country tracks in Geilo



Geilo and Hol Municipality are among the best areas in Norway for cross-country skiing and have more than 500 kilometers of groomed trails both down in the valleys and on the mountain plateaus.

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Here are our cross-country tour suggestions

Below you will find our recommendations for cross-country trips in Geilo and the surrounding area.

Family-friendly Trips to food service cabins Trips with a view

Ski stadiums with lights Long trips Interactive map

Family-friendly cross-country tracks

Langrenn rundt Ustedalsfjorden


Difficulty: Easy. Length: 10.4 km. Description: Cross-country tracks that is easily accessible from the center of Geilo, Vestlia and

Langrennsløype på Kikut

Easy roundtrip at Kikut

Difficulty: Easy. Length: 4.6 km. Description: Perfect family trip that goes past the traditional serving hut Hakkesetstølen.

Langrenn Budalen

Round trip in Budalen

Difficulty: Easy. Length: 10.4 km. Description: This round is perfect for families or as the first trip of the season!

Cross-country tracks with food service cabins

cafe prestun

Round trip to Cafe Prestun

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 14.6 km. Description: A great round trip that takes you to the foot of the Hallingskarvet, and down to the

Prestholtseter langrennstur

Prestholtseter from Havsdalen

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 15.5 km. Description: A great trip that takes you to the foot of Hallingskarvet, and the famous


Vestreim through Budalen

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 14.6 km. Description: A fantastic trip that starts from Havsdalen, takes you through Budalen to Vestreim,


Grønebakken to Hakkesetstølen

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 14.8 km. Description: Here you get the opportunity to visit two mountain huts with a great view on the trip.

Cross-country tracks with a view

Torsrunden langrenn

Torsrunden from Kikut

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 13,6 km. Description: This offers a fantastic view of Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet, and Ruperanden is a

Hotel California - Glitreberget vinter

Hotel California

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 7 km. Description: At the top of Glitreberget you will find Hotel California. There is room for 4 people! The

Langrenn hesteberget

Round trip Raggemyran

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 20.5 km. Description: The tour starts at Ustaoset with a rather steep climb to Hesteberget, here you get a

Flyløypa i sudndalen langrenn

Flyløypa in Sudndalen

Difficulty: Difficult. Length: 18 km. Description: A challenging tour with a majestic view of Hallingskarvet and the mountains!

Ski stadiums with lights

Geilo skistadion lysløype

Geilo Ski Stadium

At Geilo Ski Stadium you can choose the distance, here there are rounds of 1, 2, 3 and 5 km. Perfect for families and for those who would

Long trips with cross-country skis

Lægreid langrenn

Lægreid to Geilo

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 32.8 km. Description: Fantastic tour that goes via Tuva Turisthytte and Grønebakken Red Cross hut.

langrenn hallingskarvet


Difficulty: Medium. Length: 36.6 km. Description: Fantastic day trip via Hakkesetstølen, Grønebakken and Prestholt through Havsdalen back

Oddnakk langrenn

Havsdalen to Oddnakk

Difficulty: Difficult. Length: 22.9 km. Description: A great and demanding trip that is rewarded with a fantastic view!

Torsrunden - kikut langrenn

Kikut to Sangenuten

Difficulty: Medium. Length: 28.3 km. Description: A long cross-country tour in varied terrain with spectacular views!

Track map and tour suggestions

 At Geilo you will find ski tracks that are suitable for everyone and offer beautiful scenery and views! For tour descriptions, we recommend using Outdoor Active's app, or the interactive map, where you will find detailed information about the tours.

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Hallingdal is a snow-sure place and offers over 2,000 km of world-class machine-groomed cross-country skiing tracks. Here you get varied terrain, everything from sheltered forests, high mountains to open expanses and fantastic views. Dedicated track drivers deliver tram tracks and skating trails from the end of October to mid-May. Serving huts, kiosks, cafes and rest areas are pleasant destinations that create skiing pleasure for everyone.

Looking for a long trip?

Are you looking for a challenge and the long runs? Then these trips can be recommended:

  • Hallingdalsløypa Nord (from Myrland to Gol on 68km)
  • Hallingdalsløypa Sør (from Ustaoset to Norefjell, a total of 136km)
  • The adventure trail (from Hemsedal to Gulsvik, which is 125 km)

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Food service cabins in winter

Food service and accommodation cabins in the mountains are good starting points and destinations for those who want to explore the nature

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