Free Ski Bus

Take the ski bus easily to and from the lifts with one of the ski buses, completely free. During the skiing day, you can easily switch between the valley sides with the shuttle buses.

Tip: How about a trip to the center for lunch or a little shopping trip? The ski bus can also be used without skis on.

Do you want a ride? Stand by the road and give a clear signal.

Kikut bus

The Kikut bus takes you from the train up to the cabin or apartment at Kikut. On Thursdays and Fridays in the winter season, it drives you up to Kikut, and on Sundays it goes back down to the station for a comfortable journey home by train to Bergen or Oslo.

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Togstasjon på Geilo

Kikut bus

The Kikut bus takes you to and from the train station to the cabin at Kikut! On Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, it corresponds with the

SkiGeilo ski bus

The ski bus runs via a selection of accommodation to both Vestliaheisen and Geiloheisen, it also has two departures to Havsdalen. In the middle of the day, it runs a shuttle between the two chairlifts on either side of the valley via Geilojordet in the centre. This bus does not stop at Slaatta Ski Center.


Timetable for winter season 23/24 will be published during autumn 2023.

skibuss tabell sesongåpning

Want to go to après ski? Leave the car, take the ski bus.

The ski bus also takes you to and from après ski!

Apres ski program winter season 23/24 is coming

Are you going cross-country skiing? Leave the car, take the ski bus.

Get to the mountain easily by using the ski bus to the ski centre. From the ski center you can take the chair lift to the top of the mountains where miles of cross-country trails await you.

Find cross-country tracks near the ski centre