Flow paths in Geilo

Lift-Based Trail Biking


Geilo stands out once again with lift-based biking. At Geilo Summer Park there you can take the sumer lift to the top and from there you have the opportunity to choose between 3 flow paths. In 2021, the flow path Flow Motion was ready! A 4 km blue graded flow path, with lots of cool 180 degree turns and jumps! The popular trails Anakonda and Gold Digger have also been upgraded! You will notice the upgrade at Geilo as soon as you get in the chair lift. The lift is equipped with brand new bike racks so enthusiasts and beginners can comfortably get on and set off on the fun flow paths.

This is the flow paths in Vestlia

Flow motion

Flow Motion

Length: 4km. Difficulty: Blue. Lift: Yes.

Flow Motion is one of the country's most awesome flow paths that opened this summer. From Bjødnahovda, at the top of the chairlift in Vestlia, the path takes you about 4 km down the hill to Geilo Summer Park. The flow path has a wavy profile and grading. It’s a fun roller coaster ride suitable for the whole family.
The flow path level of difficulty:  Blue. The surface is compact, without sudden obstacles. Here, you just have to let the bike float down and put on your smile. Flow Motion can be cycled with a regular mountain bike in good condition. Watch the video and learn the difference in the levels of difficulty.


Length: 1.1 km. Difficulty: Red minus. Lift: Yes.

You can find the Anaconda by cycling straight ahead when you get off the lift. This machine-made, graded path, built in 2011 and upgraded in 2021, is also suitable for beginners and less experienced cyclists looking for fun moguls and jumps. The Anaconda snakes itself nicely down the mountainside. A very popular flow path at Geilo Summer Park!

The flow path level of difficulty: Red minus. Anaconda is built with natural mass, has a slightly rougher surface and is slightly steeper than blue-graded Flow Motion. More fun jumps and a small wall ride at the very end. Watch the video and learn the difference between the levels of difficulty.


Gold digger

Gold Digger

Length: 1 km. Difficulty: Red. Lift-based: Yes.

At the top of the elevator, turn left and you will encounter the machine-made Gold Digger flow path. This is a line full of gradients, jumps, curves and a couple of alternative lines. This became an immediate favorite when it opened in 2015. In 2021 it was upgraded and now it is like new again!

Level of difficulty for the float course: Red. Gold Digger is machine-built with masses and filled with dosages, jumps, rolls - as well as a couple of alternative lines. All jumps are rollable. You can maintain a relatively high speed through most of the trail, but you should have good cycling skills before venturing into a red trail. Watch the video and learn the difference between the difficulty levels.

Rent a bike and buy lift tickets

The flow paths are lift-based and are located in Geilo Summer Park in Vestlia. There are also many other activities here, as well as a summer open restaurant. Here you can also easily rent bikes.


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Learn about the different levels of difficulty and watch a film from the new Flow Motion path

Learn about the different levels of difficulty before setting off down the various bike paths. For your own safety, it is important that you know what awaits you and that you know the difference between a green and black trail! Watch the video.