Geilo as a Sustainable Travel Destination


Geilo was labeled as a Sustainable Travel Destination for the first time in 2016, as one of the first destinations in Norway. The label Sustainable Travel Destination is a quality mark for destinations that work systematically for a more sustainable society.
Visit Geilo and Hol municipality entered into a partnership agreement in 2016, which is renewed every four years. This agreement has an overarching goal of ensuring the long-term development of Hol municipality as a travel destination
This does not mean that Geilo is 100 per cent sustainable in all respects, but that as a destination we have committed ourselves to working long-term for a more responsible and sustainable development. For us, sustainability is about balancing good guest experiences, local value creation, taking care of our nature, and make Geilo and Hol municipality a good place to live and grow up for our children. We do this through knowledge, dialogue and interaction.

The tourism offer is important for the locals

Without tourists and cabin owners, much of what Geilo has to offer would not exist, because the local population is not large enough to carry such an extensive and wide offer as we have today. Tourism in Geilo is an important contributor to making Geilo an attractive place to live and move to. We carry out citizen surveys, as input and feedback from the local population is important for the development of Geilo.

Population survey 2023 (norwegian)

Reiselivsstrategi forside

Geilo 2030

The tourism strategy Geilo 2030 will ensure that we develop the destination Geilo in a balanced and sustainable way in the years ahead. The work to develop a new tourism strategy began in 2018, with the strategy process Geilo 2023, which has laid the foundation for Geilo 2030. In this work, it has been important to involve the municipality, and those who work with tourism, trade and the craft industry, with culture, sports teams, Hol municipality, the cabin owners and the local population, all have contributed to the strategy work.


Tourism strategy Geilo 2030 (norwegian)

Responsible marketing

Visit Geilo has signed the Greenwashing poster, and has committed to following the poster's ten principles in all communication about Geilo's own work with sustainability. Furthermore, Visit Geilo has drawn up its own guidelines for responsible marketing. Here are some guidelines for how you can be a good guest at Geilo.

Environmental lighthouse

Visit Geilo is Environmental Lighthouse certified. This means that Visit Geilo's environmental standard and routines meet the criteria of the Environmental Lighthouse Foundation. We can thus document that strict criteria within the topics of working environment, purchasing, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics are satisfied. 20 of our member companies are Environmental Lighthouse certified and we work every day to become more.

Do you want to certify your company?

Visit Geilo has been Eco-Lighthouse certified since 2013 and has worked on a large scale with project responsibility for Sustainable Travel Destination Geilo. We can therefore help put you in touch with the right people in Hallingdal when it comes to courses, certifiers and possible support for the project.

Contact [email protected] or telephone 320 95 900.

These members of Visit Geilo are environmentally certified:

  • Agaia AS
  • Amfi Geilo 
  • Bardøla Fjelltun AS
  • Eiendomsmegler 1 Fjellmegleren 
  • Elektro 12:24
  • Elektroservice Hallingdal Installasjon AS
  • Geilo Turbusser AS
  • Geilolia AS
  • Haugastøl Turistsenter
  • Høve Støtt Hallingdal AS
  • Maxbo Geilo 
  • Monter Geilo 
  • Sjåstad Maskin AS
  • Skue Sparebank AS Geilo
  • Sparebank 1 Hallingdal Valdres
  • Storestølen Fjellhotell
  • Ustekveikja Energi 
  • Vestlia Resort AS 
  • Vinternatt
  • Øen Turistsenter 

The climate of the future in Hol Municipality


Universal design and accessibility in Geilo

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