Activities for kids in Geilo



You get the best mountain experiences in Geilo, and of course this also applies to children!
In winter, Geilo transforms into a beautiful winter resort, try winter activities such as skiing, dog sledding, tobogganing, ice skating and cozy snowshoeing trips. In the summer, Geilo is a green and lush place, with beaches, climbing park, fishing lake, horseback riding and bike park. Geilo in autumn colors is an experience in itself, with a color palette that takes most people's breath away. There is nothing to say about the activities either, see Geilo from the horseback or from the seat of a bicycle.

flytsti - sommerpark

Summer activities for kids

The summer in Geilo is anything but boring! Here, the children can, among other things, try being cyclists, animal caretakers, climbers and

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Autumn activities for kids

Autumn at Geilo is anything but boring! Here the children can try their hand at being pilots, dog handlers, rafters, zookeepers and so much

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Winter activities for kids

Winter in Geilo is anything but boring! Here, children can try being dog handlers, alpine skiers, sled drivers, animal caretakers and so

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