Universal design and accessibility in Geilo


On this page we have gathered useful information and tips about universal design and accessibility at Geilo. We want the destination to be a good place to visit, where everyone will have the opportunity to take part in activities, experience nature and events regardless of functional ability. At Geilo, there are several things that are arranged or can be arranged according to different needs, such as ski school, sleigh rides, dog sledding, summer park, kennel visit, accommodation and attractions.

Activities throughout the year

At Geilo, there are several activity providers who have the opportunity to make arrangements for different functional abilities. The activities can be booked online, but we recommend that you contact the supplier in advance so that they are prepared and can assist in the best possible way!

Horse sleigh ride at Geilo

Winter horseback riding and sleigh rides

You get fantastic horseback riding experiences throughout the year at Geilo. On this page, we have collected everything you need to know

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Dog sledding

Experience nature with mans best friend! In the heart of Geilo, National Park Village, you can experience driving your own team with some of

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Langedrag Nature Park

Langedrag Nature Park is located between Numedal and Hallingdal, only a short hour drive from Geilo. Book here!

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Geilo Summer Park

At Geilo summer park the whole family can enjoy themselves at the High Rope Course, take the summer lift up the mountain, play frisbee golf,

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Skikjøring på Geilo

Geilo Ski School at Slaatta has a program called "snow sports for all", they have trained and experienced instructors who offer private lessons for those who need assistance. They have equipment such as junior bi-skis, adult sit skis, outriggers and more. SkiGeilo ski school is located in Vestlia base area, which is prepared and adapted for wheelchair users with access with a ramp, toilets and the possibility of sitskis in a lift.

Geilo offers free lift tickets for companions with a companion certificate, both winter and summer!

Adaptive Skiing

Adaptive Skiing

Snowsport For Everyone

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower - SkiGeilo

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower - SkiGeilo

SkiGeilo Geilo Summerpark.

Culture and hiking opportunities at Geilo

Below is a small selection at the destination of hiking trails that can easily be combined with culture, in the immediate vicinity of the center of Geilo. The shopping street and shopping centers are well equipped for the disabled with lifts and HC parking at all main entrances.

Geilojordet og Ustedalsfjordenrundt passer til alle og er både en flott gåtur og sykkeltur


This is an idyllic place with old houses from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, set up as a farm yard in the heart of the center of Geilo. It is a gem in summer with a cafe, guided tours of the houses, playground, farm animals and a good atmosphere. Geilojordet has parking right outside the fence for easy accessibility and universally designed benches.

Geilo kulturkyrkje

Geilo Cultural Church is located vis-à-vis Geilojordet with a large and easily accessible parking lot. The church often has various cultural events, exhibitions and cafés. The architecture of the church is also a good reason for a visit in itself. Here, there is wheelchair access via the main entrance, a handicap toilet and teleloop system.



A fantastic 10 km hiking trail around the fjord, you can take this as a round trip or just part of it. The trail have rest areas and information about the culture and history of the area. The surface is made of gravel and soil, and is suitable for wheelchairs, prams etc. Please contact the tourist information for an update on the current surface or good tips on which sections can be recommended based on your needs.

Fishing jetty at Slåttahølen

A short walk from Geilo Cultural Church there is a jetty adapted for the disabled, where there are also good fishing opportunities. Next to it is a nice hut with a fire place. We recommend parking at Geilo Cultural Church, and from there it is about 250 meters footpath with gravel suitable for most. See here for more arranged fishing spots for disabled Geilo Fiskeplasser for bevegelseshemmede - NJFF.

Rundt Geilo Kulturkirke finnes det en barnevennlig tur til fiskebrua som passer alle og hele året.

Universally adapted accommodation

In Geilo and its surroundings there are several accommodation providers that offer accommodation with a universal design. Below you will find those who have confirmed what they offer and the possibilities!


Ustedalen Hotel & Resort - Can offer 3 apartments suitable for wheelchair users in the D building, reception and restaurant are also wheelchair friendly.

Langedrag Nature Park - They have accommodation adapted for wheelchairs. Langedrag Nature Park is approx. 45 minutes by car from Geilo.

Storestølen Fjellhotell - They can offer an apartment that is universally adapted in addition to an apartment and a room that is an allergy room. Storestølen Fjellhotell is located approx. 45 minutes from Geilo by car.

Dr. Holms Hotel - Has two universally adapted rooms, a standard and a superior room. If these rooms are occupied, they do what they can to find a solution. The restaurant is adapted for wheelchairs or other mobility aids. The pool area at Dr. Holms can be used, but unfortunately they do not offer a "bathing lift".

Tuva Tourist Hut - This tourist hut is over 100 years old and it is unfortunately impossible to change the construction to offer universally adapted accommodation. But we recommend that those who have special needs for arrangements contact the host directl,. so that they can facilitate as well as possible. Tuva Turisthytte is located on Hardangervidda with a road that is only open in summer/autumn.

Geilolia Hyttetun - Completing a cabin in December 2023 that will be universally adapted. Dogs are allowed in all the cabins, but apartments in the center are allergy-friendly.

Vestlia Resort - Has 6 adapted family rooms and 1 suite with one bedroom, in addition to allergy-friendly rooms. Youth play room, restaurant, conference rooms and public toilets are also adapted. Vestlia Resort also has a swimming facility located on the ground floor, but unfortunately they do not have HC-friendly changing rooms or a swimming lift.

Bardøla Fjelltun - They have 1 adapted studio apartment with a balcony, and some allergy-friendly rooms. Common areas such as reception, restaurant and toilets have also been adapted.

Highland Lodge - Has 3 allergy-friendly rooms, and a number of adapted facilities such as a playroom, gym, restaurant, bakery and swimming pool, but without a ramp/bathing lift.

Other useful information

Parking - There are several good HC parking lots connected to the pedestrian street and the shops in the centre.

Toilets - In the center of Geilo, there are universally designed toilets both in pedestrian areas, shopping centers and at the train station.

Companions - Companions with a companion certificate receive free lift tickets both summer and winter.

Transport - The Bergen railway stops in the center of Geilo, and the train station has recently been equipped with a lift, so that there is easy access to both tracks. The waiting room has a wheelchair ramp and HC toilet. Right next to it you will also find HC parking.

What is universal design?

Universal design is to facilitate as many people as possible to get everywhere regardless of their functional ability. The aim of this is to avoid discrimination, achieve equality and understanding that we all have different needs.

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