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In Geilo and its surroundings you will find everything from hotels with spas, cabins and apartments, to camping life. Do you want to take the family to a large resort hotel with activities for the whole family? Maybe you and your loved one want to live in one of the oldest privately owned cabins on Hardangervidda? Or would you prefer a well-equipped cabin with the freedom to cook your own meals?

Whatever you choose, Geilo is known for its hospitable hosts, and you and your family will be well taken care of at the local accommodations.

Vestlia Resort


See all hotels in Geilo and book your room here. Find the perfect place to stay with family, friends or as a couple. Geilo’s hotels offer

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Tuva Turisthytte


Geilo, Norway has many cabins for rent. From large cabins near the ski area to smaller ones in the mountains. Find your accommodations in

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Search and book accommodations. Geilo has a wide range of apartments to choose from. Here you are guaranteed to find an apartment that suits

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Birkelund camping

Camping in and around Geilo

Geilo offers camping, with all the amenities, near the village. Stay in a Sami tent, enjoy hot tubs, and try activities like rafting and

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Apartment at Vestlia Hotel

Accommodation info

Practical information about accommodations in Geilo. Do you need help with a booking, or are you wondering about something?

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Geilo train station

General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions when booking at

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Maps and areas of Geilo

See areas and maps of Geilo, find out where you want to stay, and see maps of activities and adventures, hiking maps, cycling, skiing and

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