Pharmacy, Opticians & Health food

In Geilo there are two shopping centers Amfi Geilo and Geiloporten, as well as a large selection of shops. At Amfi Geilo you will find Boots Pharmacy and at Geiloporten there is Geilo Pharmacy. Sunkost (health store) is located on the 1st floor of Amfi Geilo. Interoptik (opticians) can be found in the pedestrian street by Cafe Mocca.


Amfi Geilo

At AMFI center you will find, pharmacies, sports and outdoor shops, interiors for houses and homes, hairdresser, health and well-being,

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geilo porten


At Geiloporten you will find local shops such as Samsara, Herleiks and MIMA, as well as several chain stores, groceries, pharmacies and

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Sunkost Geilo

Here you will find organic products for baking and cooking, snacks, gluten-free products, coffee, Yogi tea, pukka tea and much more. Sunkost

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Interoptik Geilo

Interoptik Geilo gives you professional competence, safety and service. Interoptik Geilo offers extended vision examination with optomap,

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