Rafting in Dagali

In Dagali, you will find one of the best rafting rivers in Europe! The Numedalslågen river offers everything from calm, family trips to the adventurous extreme tours. The rafting season stretches normally from the end of May until September/October. Dagali is half an hour's drive from Geilo.

The Most Popular Rafting Tour

From 12 years.

An action-filled trip down the Numedalslågen river with springy rapids and waves. The river offers fun challenges along the way, and we can promise that you will not go dry-shod out of the river. The trip is suited for youths and adults that want speed and excitement! A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. These tours are the most sold rafting tours and are called, “Super Rafting” (Serious Fun), “Classic Rafting” (Dagali Fjellpark), and “Premium Rafting” (Dagali Opplevelser).

Dagali Fjellpark - Classic Rafting with a snack

Dagali Fjellpark - Classic Rafting with a

Action and fun in many exciting rapids. For all adventurers from 12 years.

Serious Fun - Super Rafting

Serious Fun - Super Rafting

Super rafting is a rafting trip with exciting rapids and white water.  Super rafting is our…

Dagali Opplevelser - Premium Rafting

Dagali Opplevelser - Premium Rafting

The premium rafting tur with Dagali Opplevelser is one of the most popular ones, and suits most…

Family Rafting in Dagali

From 8 years

A rafting tour with the family experience in focus. The smallest must also have the chance to experience fun and games in the water. The rafting takes place in areas with a safe and calm river, and fun waves and small rapids make the trip exciting for both big and small. Family rafting is recommended for those with children between 8-12 years.

Dagali Fjellpark - Family Rafting with lunch

Dagali Fjellpark - Family Rafting with lunch

Fun adventure for the whole family. From 8 years.

Serious Fun - Family Rafting

Serious Fun - Family Rafting

From 8-11 years. Bring the kids family rafting - an exciting rafting tour with wave surfing and…

Dagali Opplevelser - Family Rafting

Dagali Opplevelser - Family Rafting

The family rafting with Dagali Opplevelser starts from 8 years of age and suits most people.

For the Daring Wanting Adrenaline

18 years. (With parental signature: 15 years.)

A trip for the toughest. The rafting trip takes place in the wildest parts of the Numedalslågen river, and you can expect a swim once or twice along the way. The trips differ from the best-selling rafting trips by seeking out the toughest and most technical rapids in the river, which are guaranteed to test your ability to work together and get your heart rate up! Some of the rapids are graded up to 5, on a scale of 1-6. These rafting trips are dependent upon the correct water level. The water level changes in relation to snow melting and rain, and will, therefore, vary through the season. It is recommended that you have tried rafting before, that you can swim, and aren’t afraid of water. If you want a real adrenaline kick, you will get it on these tours: Viking Rafting (Serious Fun), Full On Rafting (Dagali Fjellpark) and Extreme Rafting (Dagali Opplevelser).

Dagali Fjellpark - Extreme Full On Rafting with a snack

Dagali Fjellpark - Extreme Full On Rafting

Experience the real world-class extreme white water rafting. From 15 years.

Serious Fun - Viking Rafting
24 Sep - 02 Oct

Serious Fun - Viking Rafting

From 15 years old. Hunting for adrenaline?The Viking rafting is the whole Super rafting tour and…

Dagali Opplevelser - Extreme Rafting

Dagali Opplevelser - Extreme Rafting

Extreme rafting is for those who really are not afraid some water and action.

Rafting in Dagali is suitable for both families
and those who want an adrenaline kick!

In Dagali there are three rafting suppliers, Serious Fun, Dagali Opplevelser and Dagali Fjellpark. They offer rafting for families and for those who want a little more action. Family rafting is for children from the age of 8, the most popular rafting trips is for children from the age of 12 and upwards. While for the most daring trips, you must be 18 years old, or 15 years old with a parent's signature. Rafting is suitable for everyone who likes water, being outside and having fun!

What time of year is best for rafting?

The rafting season in Dagali usually always starts the first weekend after the 17th of May, one of the reasons is the water level in the river, they are depending on warm temperatures at night. The road to the river must also be snow-free, it is closed in winter and is not ploughed, so the snow must have melted and the road dried up. There are many elements that affect the rafting season, and it is difficult to predict future seasons. From experience, the spring flood mostly comes at the beginning of June. Then they have to avoid the biggest rapids, and usually move further down the river. The best time for rafting is right after the flood has subsided somewhat, in late June to mid-July, when the conditions are perfect for all rafting trips, for both families and the most extreme. The family and super rafting trips are always feasible, they have the option to move down/up the river. The Viking and extreme tours are more sensitive, as they are more dependent on the correct water level.

Rafting in Numedalslågen

Numedalslågen is Norway's third longest river with a length of approx. 352 km starting from Hardangervidda. The fresh, crystal-clear water from the national park flows through Dagali and further down Numedalen and finally flows into the sea at Larvik. The river has a varying river bed which means that it can offer something for everyone - safe family rafting for the little ones to the more extreme experience with challenging rapids and wave surfing!

Dagali has three rafting providers

There are three different providers of rafting in Dagali: Serious Fun, Dagali Fjellpark and Dagali Opplevelser. 

The three providers all have a high focus on quality, safety, and using professionally-qualified rafting guides to offer you, as a guest, an unforgettable and safe experience on the river. Before the rafting trip, everyone receives a personal follow-up with information, training, and practice. All the providers offer rafting with different degrees of difficulty and adapted to families with children. The price includes all the necessary equipment, like wetsuit, booties, helmet, life jacket, guide in each raft, and transport to/from the meeting place and river. We recommend that everyone bring a swimsuit, wool underwear, and towel!

Rafting in Geilo

Serious Fun

The Serious Fun rafting center is a family-run company with a focus on real nature experiences that oozes energy and joy.

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rafting i Dagali

Dagali Fjellpark

In summer Dagali Fjellpark offers canyoning, rafting, kayaking school while in winter the ski center opens with lift-based tobogganing.

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Ekstremerafting med Dagali Opplevelser for de som liker litt aktion.

Dagali Opplevelser

Dagali Opplevelser is an activity company located in Dagali, a 30 minute drive from Geilo that offers motorsports, rafting and much more.

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