Kicksled WC in Geilo

A unique event!


Saturday the 27th of January 2024!

On the last weekend in January, Geilo sports village welcomes you to the funniest event of the winter! Spark VM is a unique event in many ways, it is informal, social and rich in tradition. Based on one of the oldest means of transport we know of in this country, Sweden and in Finland. Since 1982, committed people have managed to create a populous and beloved winter carnival. The Spark WC is one of the highlights at Geilo!

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PROGRAM Kicksled WC 2024


20.00 - Spark Off at Off Pist! (20 years age limit). Distribution of start numbers, review of rules and party.


11.00 - Children's winter carnival.
14.00 - Official Kicksled WC. (Racing Class and Costume Class)
16.00 - After Spark - Off Pist (age limit 20).
Tickets to the Preparty and Afterparty are included in the participation ticket to the Spark WC. But only a ticket to the Afterparty can also be bought.


The content of the Kicksled WC has varied over the years, and the event appears today as a winter carnival. There are essentially 2 classes for adults and a separate Kicksled WC for children. Arrangements are being made for grandstands in the center and finish area, so bring warm clothes! Food and drink are served in the pedestrian street.

If you have questions about the event, you can contact the organizer Ihuga Event.  

spark vm

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Kicksled WC - A green event

Geilo is a Sustainable Travel Destination, Visit Geilo AS an Environmental Lighthouse Company and KIcksled WC a Green Event! We must document to the Norwegian Lighthouse Foundation that requirements for the working environment, purchasing, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics have been met.

We would encourage everyone to use public transport, carpool or to take the kick-start where possible. For the journey to and from Geilo, we recommend taking the train. See information about timetables at VY.

We can also recommend the En-tur app for information on timetables for all types of public transport.

We want it to be easy for participants and visitors to sort their waste at source during the KIcksled WC, and encourage everyone to use the environmental station in the pedestrian street.


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