Bike park in Vestlia

The bike park consists of a pump track, jump lines and skill trails!


You will find the bike park directly below Vestlia Resort. With Hallingdal's largest paved pump track, 5 jump lines, fun bike elements and the skills trail Røyskatten, this is clearly a completely fantastic bike park. The bike park is a social and cool meeting place for friends and the whole family!

It's always fun and social here! Here you will meet 2-year-olds on scooters and teenagers on tricycles. Right next to the pump track there are five jumping lines of varying difficulty. There are benches at the pump track, and during the summer holidays you will find an open stall selling ice cream and coffee. The bike park is a great gathering place and resting place for the adults when the children are playing. Adjacent to the cycle park, you have Ustedalsfjorden, where you will find several skill trails of varying degrees. A nice combination is to cycle around the Ustedalsfjorden and test out the various skill trails and then end up in the cycle park.

Pump track in bike park

The pump track at Geilo is Hallingdal's largest paved pump track. A pump track is a type of off-road terrain for cycle sport consisting of a circuit of banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders “pumping” – creating momentum via up and down body movements. Originally, pumptracks were built of soil, sand or wood, and thus were largely limited to mountain bikes. Geilo’s pumptrack is made of durable and solid composite material, and can be used by anyone, whether you prefer skateboards, blades, scooters or bikes. This greatly expands the user group, both in age and number, and unites different interests around the same track. The track is open every day and it’s a free activity for everyone!

More activities near the bike park

Geilo Summer Park is located right near the bike park, here you can rent bicycles, test out lift-based cycling, have lunch in the Basecamp restaurant and combine with activities such as a Climbing Park and Zipline.


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