Food experiences in the ski resort



Take a break from skiing and enjoy a good meal in one or more of the ski centre's restaurants and cafes. Here you will find 6 unique concepts, but all with the same vision, good ingredients prepared by chefs with a passion for quality food.

Tip! Feel free to end the ski day with a delicious dinner.


At Havsdalskroa you get Geilo's best pizza! They also have a good selection of other dishes with elements of local ingredients. Havsdalskroa also offers take away. On weekends and holidays, Havsdalskroa is transformed into Geilo's best après ski!


The ski café in Vestlia is the perfect and complete café for the family. Here you get fast food of good quality. Try the classic Wiener schnitzel! Here you also get salads, soups and tasty pastries.


At Slaatta you can enjoy freshly baked and homemade buns and hot cocoa. The kitchen at SlaattaStugu smells of freshly baked buns and snacks. SlaattaBollen must be tasted!

Kikut Bistro

1000 m above sea level and with a fantastic location. Here you get exclusive dishes with elements of local ingredients. This season the bistro is renovated and expended with more seating. 

Halstensgård Kafé

Halstensgård café is like a visit to grandma's with history in and on the walls. Here you can relax between ski trips with good sausages, homemade cocoa and waffles.

Kikuttoppen Vinbar

The beautiful, old lifthouse made of reclaimed timber has been converted into a wine bar with a spectacular view of the Hallingskarvet etc. Here you can enjoy a good glass of quality wine with local cheeses and meat snack.


The name speaks for itself, here you get the best waffles on the ski slope with accessories in countless combinations. How about a freshly baked waffle with cream and sprinkles, or brown cheese? Best enjoyed with a delicious cocoa, coffee or soft drink. In addition, you get a fantastic view of Hallingskarvet.


In Vestlia and at Slaatta you will find barbecue areas in the children's areas. These are free to use. Here you can bring your own barbecue food and enjoy yourself with family and friends during the skiing break.