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Camping sites near the center of Geilo

At Geilo you will find two campsites, Øen Turistsenter and Geilo Hytter og Camping. Here there are caravan and motorhome pitches, tent pitches and cabin rentals. Both are located in close proximity to the center and all that Geilo has to offer. Short distance to cross-country tracks and ski slopes. Nice hiking opportunities close by, and a short trip to the national parks.

Øen Turistsenter

Øen Turistsenter

Øen Turistsenter is a modern vacation center with overnight accommodations in well-equipped, roomy…

Camping site in Hovet

Birkelund camping is located approx. 20 minutes by car from Geilo. Here there are caravan and motorhome pitches, tent pitches and cabins for rental. It is a short drive to Hallingskarvet Ski Center and nice hiking opportunities. Also close to good fishing opportunities.

Birkelund campingplass

Birkelund camping

Miljøfyrtårnsertifisert og et naturlig utgangspunkt for fjellturer, sportsfiske, vinteridrett eller om du bare skal oppleve mektig natur.

Camping in Dagali

Dagali Fjellpark is approx. 30 minutes by car from Geilo. Here they have a lavvocamp in the forest, sauna and hot tub. Dagali is an activity eldorado, a short distance to rafting, motorsport, canyoning, ski slopes, cross-country trails and hiking opportunities.

Dagali Fjellpark lavvo

Dagali fjellpark Lavvo Camp

Perfekt om du skal prøve deg på rafting, juving eller andre morsomme opplevelser på Dagali. Her har de et stor område for telt og

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There are two campsites in Geilo – Øen Turistsenter and Geilo Cabins and Camping. Just outside of Geilo you will also find campsites such as Birkelund Camping in Hovet and Dagali Fjellpark in Dagali. All these campsites have everything you need for a great camping experience. On the map you will see where each campsite is located.

Geilo offers camping in both summer and winter!

Camping can be done all year round. At Geilo, both Geilo Hytter og Camping and Øen Turistsenter offer year-round camping and accommodation.

høst på geilo

Camping summer season

In the summer there is plenty to see and experience in Geilo. You get close to nature, and here you have the opportunity to visit two national parks - Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet national park. There are also many activities to choose from, how about a horse ride in the high mountains, rafting in Numedalslågen, zipline or visit Langedrag Nature Park? Or how about visiting Geilojordet or Fekjo Cultural Heritage Park? From the mountains at Geilo, it is also a short distance to the fjords in Hardanger. Go on a day trip to Eidfjord, and see green fjords, stop at Vøringsfossen and take in the impressive waterfall.

Camping winter season

In winter, Geilo is an activity eldorado. Here you will find ski slopes suitable for everyone, and you can choose between 21 ski lifts and 45 slopes. You can go cross-country skiing either down in the valley or on the high mountains. There are also nice cross-country tracks in the national parks, both on Hardangervidda and in Hallingskarvet. In terms of activities, you can try everything from snowshoeing, fat biking, dog sledding, ice bathing to ice skating and much more.

Vinter på geilo

Emptying station for motorhomes

In and around Geilo you will find several emptying stations, both municipal and private. In Hol municipality, the emptying station is located at Maxbo på Geilo. The other campsites that have emptying stations are Øen Turistsenter, Geilo Hytter og Camping and Birkelund Camping.

Telt ved Hallingskarvet

Free camping at Geilo

In and around Geilo, you can get close to the raw Norwegian nature and experience the national park from the front row.
Hardangervidda is a paradise for hiking and camping enthusiasts. Here you get a panoramic view at every stop and you can be completely to yourself. Take a look at recommended trips and pack tent equipment. There are many tourist cabins which are good destinations, and stopping points. Check out each individual cabin for details on opening times, accommodation, service and food service before you set off on a trip to them.

Always remember to check the weather forecast and pack plenty of clothes before you set off on your trip. In addition, you should never leave litter and waste in nature, everything you take out into nature must be returned to waste/rubbish bins with you, thank you!

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