Electric Car Charging Stations and Parking in Geilo

Here, you will find all the information about electric car charging stations on the way to and in Geilo. In addition, you will find information about several good parking options in the village center.

Electric Car Charging Points in Geilo

Geilojordet parking lot

16 charging points (BKK: 8 st CCS 200 kW, 6 st CCS 180 kW, 4 st CHAdeMO 62.5 kW

Great parking if you want a walk and shopping in the center, or a place where the kids can play. At Geilojordet, right beside the parking lot, there is a nice playground for the youngest; and diring the summer, you can buy waffles and drinks.


Geilo Center - Vesleslåttvegen

3 charging points (Type 2, CHAdeMO and CCS / Combo one of each)                                 

On the corner of the parking lot next to the Tourist Information and the start of the pedestrian street in the center of Geilo. Max charging time is two hours. In high season, there are many cars that are charged here, so please think about the charging time! Can be nicely combined with a lunch in the center of Geilo or a small shopping trip.


Geilo East - Lienvegen RV7, Direction Oslo                    

3 charging points at Hallingdal Kraftnett (Type 2)
5 charging points at Circle K (CCS / Combo 4 pcs and CHAdeMO 1st

These two are located right next to each other. Circle K also has seating and a café. Golden House and Geilo Mountain Lodge are right across the street. Otherwise, it is about a 20-minute walk to the center of Geilo and 5 minutes to the hiking trail by the lake.
These chargers see a lot of use, so watch your time!


Geilo South - Solstadvegen, Geilolia Hyttetun            

4 charging points (Type 2) – You need your own charging cable!

During the summer, charging can be combined with a few hours at the Geilo Summer Park, or take the lift up the mountain for a short walk with a view.


Electric Car Charging Points on the Way to Geilo

Hagafoss - RV7, Direction Oslo

6 charging points (CHAdMO 2 pcs, CCS / Combo 2 pcs and type 2 with 2 pcs)

At Kiwi Hagafoss, at the intersection between RV7 and FV50. In the summer season, it can be nicely combined with a trip to Hol Bygdemuseum during the summer.

Dagali - FV40, Direction Kongsberg

6 charging points (CHAdeMO 2 pcs, CCS / Combo 2 pcs and Type 2 with 2 pcs)

Located by Joker Dagali. Nice to combine with a trip to the bridge over the Numedalslågen river, to Dagali church or over the cross-country tracks, both in summer and winter. It is possible to dine at Dagali Fjellpark during the high seasons in winter and summer.
* The website, ladestasjoner.no, is used as a basis for this information.

Storestølen Fjellhotell - FV50 direction Aurland

A charging station at Storestølen Fjellhotell, last opportunity before Aurland. Charging can be combined with a lunch at Storestølen Hotell, with an incredibly beautiful view of Strandfjorden and Hallingskarvet. Or a pleasant walk on Blåløypa, which is 5km. Ask at the reception for a tour description.

Parking in the Center

Where can I park?

Where can I park? There are many parking spaces in the center of Geilo. There are 3 parking garages (all of which are short-term parking for the malls). There are parking places outside the grocery stores, and outside the tourist information. There are two larger parking spaces at Geilojordet and at the Geilo Cultural Church. 

Long-term parking at the train station. You can find long-term parking between the city center and Hjalmevegen, on the north side of the train station, close to Dr. Holms. From the center of Geilo you drive through the tunnel east of the train station. Parking spaces are only for those taking the train, and the maximum time is 14 days. BaneNor owns the parking lot. There is room for 40 cars and there is free parking, there are two spaces for the disabled. From the parking lot you can take a lift up to the right platform.

See map below.