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Discover what is happening in Geilo, and the surrounding areas, during your visit. Or find events that you want to plan your stay around.


Did you know that Geilo has a food and a wine festival, Norsk Matglede and Stetten? Or that Geilo has a brand new music festival, Helt på Vidda, which takes place at the top of the ski slope?

Geilo also hosts the World Cup in Kicksleding every year, and during the winter, Easter, and summer holidays, the village grows by tenfold and becomes a social place with lots of events and activities.

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Highlights during the year


The National Park Days

Geilo is a National Park village, and therefore organizes the National Park Days in July each year. A whole week with a varied programme,

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Helt pa vidda

Helt på vidda festivalen

Bli med på årets festival! Sett av siste helgen i august 2024! Ta stolheisen opp til festivalområdet på toppen av Vestlia og nyt et

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The annual wine festival, offers a wine tour with a crash course and wine tasting, courses for beginners and advanced, winemakers dinners,

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lokal mat

Norwegian Food Festival

Geilo hosts one of Norways most important food events! With a focus on small-scale production, organic ingredients and short-traveled food,

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Upcoming events in 2024

Spark VM

Kicksled WC

Kicksled WC is a unique event in many ways, it is informal, social and traditional. On the last weekend in January, the winter village of

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Lovely weather, good atmosphere, fun skiing and a fantastic view during the whole trip. It is not without reason that the Skarverennet is

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