Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park in Geilo


A climbing park cannot be compared to a traditional amusement park. Here you will not sit still, but you will use your whole body and be active outdoors. Along the climbing trails, you will encounter obstacles that will challenge both your balance, coordination and comfort zone. Høyt & Lavt is inspired by Norwegian outdoor life, and the climbing parks is a very nice activity arena for even greater adventures in Norwegian nature. As the founder of Høyt & Lavt himself says:

"We want to democratize extreme sports - and create great experiences for everyone."

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Høyt & Lavt - A fun challenge!

The climbing park at Geilo can be found in Vestlia, in Geilo Summer park. Here everyone can find a climbing route they can enjoy and master. The climbing routes are color-coded to show the degree of difficulty, from orange (easiest) via light green, green, blue, red and black (most difficult). In the climbing park at Geilo there are 3 training trails, 2 orange, 2 green, 1 blue and 1 red trail. All the trails are full of fun and exciting challenges, as well as some airy parts. The climbing park consists of a total of 73 elements, 10 ziplines and 6 trails. 

Climbing Park in Geilo for families

Høyt & Lavt climbing park is a great activity that is suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter what shape you are in, or whether you have never climbed before. Here grandparents can climb together with the grandchildren or vice versa, mother and father can create new bonds together and friends can create new memories. Tickets for children starts from the age of 4. It is possible to buy a 3-hour ticket, but also a day pass in low season. Children aged 4-6 must be accompanied by an adult who also redeems the ticket, the adult gets 50% discount on the ticket.

Climbing Park for groups in Geilo

Høyt & Lavt is a fun group activity that is suitable for both larger families, companies, birthday parties and team building. Geilo Sommerpark/SkiGeilo is happy to open the park to groups of at least 15 people. If you want to try Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park, please contact SkiGeilo directly for an inquiry and price offer.

Get in touch by email: [email protected] or by phone (+47) 30 09 00 00. 

Free fall - Skarvetårnet

A jumping tower is, a tower, built of wood, which you can jump from. It almost doesn't matter how high the tower is, it's both exciting and scary to stand on the edge while you wonder if you should jump or not. Skarvetårnet at Geilo is almost 15 meters above the ground, and you can climb the 13 different climbing routes on the tower, as well as a platform where you jump from. Two of the climbing routes to the climbing park start from Skarvetårnet. You can buy a ticket only for the Skarvetårnet if you wish.


Opening hours for the climbing Park and jumping tower

The climbing park is operational in the summer. It is open from June to the end of October

Opening hours 2024

Open every Saturday in June from 10:00 - 16:00.

6 July - 18 August: All days from 10:00-17:00.
24 August - 22 September: Saturday & Sunday from 10:00-16:00.
28 September - 12 October: All days from 10:00-17:00.

NB! When you choose a 3-hour ticket, it starts either between 10-11 or at 13-14, with timeslots of 3 hours. It is important to show up before your timeslot so that you/you are ready to start. Choose the time when you book your ticket. In the low season, a day ticket is also possible.

høyt og lavt klatrepark

Safety regulations for Høyt & Lavt

Practical info:

  • In the low season, a day ticket is also possible.
  • Avoid queues - Meet at the start time you have booked!
  • Pre-booked tickets: Meet at the equipment location at the start time you have booked, get your ticket ready while you wait for the equipment.
  • Drop in: Check available capacity in the information center and buy the ticket there before you go to the equipment location. The equipment place is located at the entrance to the chair lift.

The height requirements for the different colors on the slopes are:

  • Orange: Over 80 cm.
  • Green/dark green: Over 110 cm.
  • Red/blue: Over 140 cm.
  • Black: Over 160 cm.

Access to the climbing trails is not permitted for people who:

  • weighs more than 120 kg
  • are pregnant
  • is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

Children aged 4-6 must be accompanied by an adult who also redeems the ticket. Everyone who is going to climb must attend climbing training and follow the climbing park rules.


Geilo Summer Park

At Geilo summer park the whole family can enjoy themselves at the High Rope Course, take the summer lift up the mountain, play frisbee golf,

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