Cross-country skiing in Geilo


Geilo and Hol Municipality are among the best areas in Norway for cross-country skiing and have more than 500 kilometers of groomed tracks both in the valleys and on the mountain plateaus. The season starts in October/November and lasts until May. The most eager cross-country skiers can ski in the higher mountain areas until June. The beautiful cross-country tracks are free to use and there is a wide range of levels on the tracks - everything from short, flat areas for beginners, to more challenging tracks along the mountain tops. The cross-country tracks here at Geilo maintain a high standard throughout the winter and are prepared and maintained by the Geilo Sti- og Løypelag.

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Book cross-country courses and ski rental

If you are a beginner, or want to brush up on your cross-country skiing technique, you can book courses and PT lessons from skilled

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Langrenn hoyfjell

Cross-country tracks

Geilo and Hol Municipality are among the best areas in Norway for cross-country skiing and have more than 500 kilometers of groomed tracks

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Food service cabins in winter

Food service and accommodation cabins in the mountains are good starting points and destinations for those who want to explore the nature

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Ski Shuttle Bus

Free ski bus! See timetable - Take one of the 3 ski buses to and from the ski center.

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Topptur hallingskarvet

Bucket List Winter

With a snow-covered landscape and a wonderful winter atmosphere, everything is in place for memorable experiences. Let us show you what you

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Track Group

Ski tracks are prepared and maintained by the various track groups in Hol municipality. Check out who is prepping where you are, and become a member to support them. In Geilo, it is the Geilo Track and Trail Group.

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Become a member of Geilo Sti- og Løypelag

Langrennsløype og tråkkemaskin

The Norwegian Mountain Code

The norwegian mountain code, a set of nine advice prepared by the Norwegian Tourist Association and the Norwegian red cross!

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Dog Regulations and Restraint in Hol Municipality

Like us humans, the dogs love to go on walks in the free and beautiful mountains. We ask everyone to follow the regulations that apply to traffic with dogs all year round.

Read about regulations regarding dogs here

SkiGeilo snø

Skiing in Geilo - Norway

See opening times in the ski centre, book ski school, ski hire or ski pass. Read more about the ski cafés and the ski bus. Everything you

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