What is Visit Geilo AS?

Visit Geilo AS is an active and overall development and marketing organization for the destination Geilo and Hol municipality. Visit Geilo AS' main purpose is to further develop Geilo as a year-round destination, profile and market Geilo as an attractive residential and visitor municipality.
Through active presence and influence locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, we will ensure that more people choose to come to Geilo - all year round.


Who is Visit Geilo?

In addition to the administration, Visit Geilo AS consists of an active and committed board that represents large parts of the of the business world. The company has around 140 shareholders/member companies which consist of companies from Hol municipality, and in some cases outside of the municipality.

Geilo is marked as a sustainable travel destination which is the basis for our development work. Visit Geilo markets Geilo and the surrounding area as a unit with a unique diversity of opportunities for young and old, and collaborates with small and large players in the business world in our municipality. Geilo and Hol municipality is a very popular destination, but the competition with other destinations is big. Being the resort of choice, the place to buy a holiday home or to settle requires great resources. Through membership, you contribute to destination development and the marketing of Geilo, and to our shared future at Geilo. We can work together to lay the foundations for safe workplaces, profitable businesses and good living and growing up conditions. Geilo has to adapt to an increasingly demanding market and we depend on being clearly seen in a market characterized by larger and stronger destinations. Visit Geilo works for the municipality as a year-round destination and the results of our work benefit the entire municipality!

This is what Visit Geilo does

Visit Geilo contributes to systematic marketing, increased visibility and access to a larger market through joint profiling and marketing. With, among other things, good and effective use of social media, campaigns, digital newspapers, media coverage and editorial coverage.

Get the opportunity to influence the development of Geilo and the framework conditions for the industries
• Visit Geilo is heard and consulted before important political decisions are made.
• Cooperation ensures a good and uniform development of Geilo as a local community and destination.

Creates an arena for new contacts and networking
• Invitation to member meetings, in relevant forums and relevant ongoing projects.
• Further develop and maintain member meetings and agreements.
• Broad collaboration across disciplines and expertise.

Has an active collaboration with Hol municipality
• Visit Geilo is the business community's mouthpiece and collaboration partner with Hol municipality.
• Continue the collaboration with administrative authorities, transport and municipal agencies which will be able to strengthen the entire tourism industry.

Actively works with member recruitment
•  Of companies from the entire municipality and all industries.
• Everyone is heard and taken into consideration.
• Cultivate each industry's expertise and needs and put this into a system.

Shall improve the hosting role
• Raise the competence of all tourism employees via hosting courses and other measures.
• Continue and develop the hosting role locally so that Geilo increases the lead to the other destinations.

Takes advice from the industry and listens to the needs found in the tourism industry
• Increase and improve communication to the industry.
• Be a tool for the company's owners.
• Always up to date on what is happening in Norwegian tourism.
• A positive sharing culture of competence, initiative and numbers.

Focuses on well-known markets, tour operators and opportunities
• Ensure repeat purchases and that we reach new markets/customer groups by systematizing contacts who are, and have been, in contact with Geilo.
• Communicate what is happening at any given time, to those who are interested and need this information.
• Active role towards new markets and collaboration partners nationally.
• Systematize the PR/media work. Coordinating notices/interviews and current events.

Builds alliances and acquires new partners
• Strengthen the alliances in the east and west.
• Visible in existing alliances and collaborative projects.

As a member of Visit Geilo you get

  • Newsletters with information are sent out regularly.
  • Invitation to business breakfast once a month and member meetings twice a year.
  • Access to Visit Geilo's imageshop with pictures and film that can be used by the company for marketing the destination. The imageshop is constantly updated with new pictures taken by a professional photographer.
  • Digital hosting course for your employees.
  • Listing and visibility in a common market platform for Geilo and Hol Municipality, including Geilo.com, in printed marketing materials such as summer and winter brochure and on social media.
  • The company will be part of the sales collaborations Norway Home of Skiing and Mountains of Norway. These work with foreign tour operators who sell tours to the destination.
  • The company gets the opportunity to participate in marketing campaigns, at tourism fairs and viewing and press trips.
  • The company contributes to Visit Geilo's work with the overall marketing and development of the destination, as well as the operation of events such as Norsk Matglede, Stetten and Spark VM, etc.
  • Access to guest surveys, statistics, presentations and the Tourism Strategy Geilo 2030.
  • Companies get the opportunity to participate in various working groups for the events and groups for further development of the destination.

Become a member

If we are to be able to maintain our position as one of Norway's leading travel destinations, summer and winter, we must increase our total market effort. Visit Geilo AS will actively contribute to the further development and marketing of Geilo as a destination. Our effort is a supplement to the sales effort from individual companies and organizations at Geilo that concentrate on their specific products and services. Take responsibility for our common future and the community in the municipality and be welcome as a member of Visit Geilo.

Contact us to talk about your membership!

Brevandring på Hardangerjøkulen

Heidi Stevning


[email protected]

+47 992 76 332

Together we stand stronger!

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Members of Visit Geilo

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