Spa & Wellness in Geilo


Many believe that the word spa is an abbreviation of the term "salus per aqua", which means "health through water". Water has always been associated with health, purification and well-being, dating all the way back to Greek and Roman times.
Today, medical researchers study the effects of sauna and spa visits, and are constantly providing new answers to what it means to expose the body to heat and cold, and the effects of this. There are therefore several health reasons to make spa visits a habit!

Do you need to recharge your batteries, detox from a hectic everyday life or simply nurture your body with well-being, spa and exercise? At Geilo you will find hotels with spas, swimming pools, coaching, fitness centers, yoga and much more. Get the information and inspiration you need to get the most out of your holiday, weekend or just a normal every day.

Hotels with spa at Geilo


A relaxing wellness treatmentis is just as much a part of a Geilo holiday as the sporting activity. Experience great wellness areas, nice swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs with a view, as well as the Adventure Pool which has a water slide, hot tub and children's pool. The spas also offer a luxurious selection of saunas, massages and other treatments.



Experience a world of well-being with wonderful treatments that nurture body and soul. At Vestlia Resort, you get professional spa therapists who give you everything from classic massage and skin care to lovely aroma and clay wraps. Here you` also find a pool, a relax room, a jacuzzi, a cold pool and two types of sauna.

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At Dr. Holms Spa you can enjoy relaxation and care in an exclusive atmosphere. End your hiking or skiing day with a restorative body massage or experience new energy and glow with a selection of facial treatments. At Dr. Holms Spa, everything has been arranged for you to have a relaxing break in everyday life. Use of the wellness area with pool and jacuzzi before you have a treatment.

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Wellness & Swimming pools


Wellness is something everyone should treat themselves to once in a while! Fjellglød has therapists with extensive experience in skin care and well-being, they focus on good results and adapt all treatments so that you get a good experience.

Have a mini makeover before the weekend or treat yourself to a massage! Bente at Hel-V has participated in Norwegian Championship in massage, and ended up with an impressive 5th place.

Much research has been done on the effect sauna has on the body and what health reasons it provides, and the effect of this in combination with cold. At Ustaoset you get the ultimate combination of sauna, cold bath and a view!

Besides the wellness department and spa, Geilo has several swimming pools to suit everyone. You will find a swimming pool in Havsdalsgrenda, at Dr. Holm's hotel and Eventyrbadet at Vestlia Resort, which is very suitable for children. We recommend contacting the hotels directly for price and availability.

Swimmingpool at Havsdalsgrenda

Swimmingpool at Havsdalsgrenda

In the wellness area at Havsdalsgrenda you can find a swimming pool, fitness room, sauna and…

Eventyrbadet Vestlia Resort

Eventyrbadet Vestlia Resort

The new bath of fairy tales covers 750 square meters with a waterslide of 82 meters, going from…

Swimming pool at Dr. Holms

Swimming pool at Dr. Holms

After a long day in the mountains, it is nice to relax in the pool at Dr. Holms Hotel. The kids can…

Fitness & Lifestyle



An active everyday life is important for many, whether it's a walk in the fresh air or a trip to the gym. At Geilo you will find several gyms at the hotels, as well as Geilo Trening og Testsenter. Do you prefer easy movement in quiet surroundings Geilo Holistic offers yoga lessons. If you need training guidance, massage, chiropractor or physiotherapy, get in touch with Aktiv Helse