Autumn activities for kids



Autumn at Geilo is anything but boring! Here the children can try their hand at being pilots, dog handlers, rafters, zookeepers and so much more.

Join in feeding wolves at Langedrag, try horseback riding and in Dagali you can raft in Norway's third longest river, to name a few!

Activities for big and small kids,


Do you want to create memories together that you will remember for a long time, how about trying an activity a little out of the ordinary? Below are our recommendations for a family activity that suits everyone, both young and old!

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Langedrag Naturpark - Entrance ticket
17 Apr - 18 Feb

Langedrag Naturpark - Entrance ticket

A unique experience with over 300 animals spread over 20 different species in their natural habitat.

Hiking, Rafting, Climbing & Horseback Riding


At Geilo you will find hiking trails suitable for everyone with panoramic views of the mountains, being in close contact with nature is an exciting journey of discovery for young and old. Family rafting takes place in areas with a safe and calm river, with fun waves and small rapids that make the trip exciting for both young and old. Challenge yourself with climbing, balancing and experience a rush by throwing yourself into the Tarzan net. Or experience Geilo in beautiful autumn colors from the horseback.

Vandring på Geilo

Hiking in Geilo

Recommended trips, maps and areas. In Geilo, you will find hiking trails that are suitable for everyone, with a panoramic view of the

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Rafting in Geilo


In Dagali, you will find one of the best rafting rivers in Europe. A river that offers something for everyone, from the family to those

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Horse riding in Budalen

Horseback Riding

At Geilo you get wonderful riding experiences all year round.

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høyt og lavt klatrepark

Climbing Park

Høyt og Lavt climbing park in Geilo. Here everyone can find a climbing route they can enjoy and master. The climbing routes are color-coded

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Cycling for children at Geilo


Geilo is a cycling eldorado for families with children. Here you will find lift-based flow paths, a bike park and skill paths for all levels. The lift-based flow paths can be found in Geilo Summer Park, and the bike park is located directly below Vestlia Resort. Everything is based in Vestlia. Geilo Summer Park is open every weekend after the summer holiday and every day in the autumn holiday.


Flytstier - Heisbasert sykling

Geilo markerer seg nok en gang på kartet med heisbasert sykling. I Geilo Sommerpark ligger sommerheisen som tar deg til toppen og derfra har

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Sykkelpark i Vestlia

Med Hallingdals største asfalterte pumptrack, 5 hopplinjer, sykkelelementer og ferdighetsstien Røyskatten, så er dette helt klart en helt rå

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Ferdighetsstier på Geilo

Fra sykkelparken nedenfor Vestlia Resort finner du flere ferdighetsstier, dette er morsomme gruslagte stier med kuler, svinger og flere

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Geilo Sommerpark

Sommerparken byr på spennende og morsomme aktiviteter for hele familien! Her finner du blant annet høydepark, sommerheis og heisbasert

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Other activities for kids,


Is the weather bad? Or do you want to see what Geilo has to offer for children in summer and winter too? Below you will find all indoor activities such as bowling, water parks and restaurants, as well as all summer and winter activities suitable for children of all ages.


Indoor activities

If the weather is bad, it is good that Geilo can offer some indoor activities. How about a relaxing spa and massage treatment, or what about

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flytsti - sommerpark

Summer activities for kids

The summer in Geilo is anything but boring! Here, the children can, among other things, try being cyclists, animal caretakers, climbers and

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Winter activities for kids

Winter in Geilo is anything but boring! Here, children can try being dog handlers, alpine skiers, sled drivers, animal caretakers and so

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