Food and beverages


Geilo has a large selection of restaurants that offer delicious food and drink in all varieties. From the simplest tasty meals, to the most delicious menus with accompanying drinks. You will find restaurants in the center, in the hamlets, on the ski slopes and along the hiking trails up in the mountains. Local food also has a long tradition here in Geilo and in Hol municipality. Geilo can also offer a nightlife with a selection of bars and pubs.



With around 10 restaurants, you can be sure that you will have a good dining experience in Geilo. A pleasant host ensures that you get

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In the heart of Geilo, you will find an urban center filled with shopping opportunities and several cozy cafés. A tasty lunch with a

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Stetten 2021

Bar and pub

In the center of Geilo, and in several of the hotels, you will find a social nightlife. There are bars, pubs and nightclubs with a warm and

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"A taste of the mountains!"


Local food

In Geilo and in Hol municipality, you will find several local food producers and restaurants with a focus on local food.

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Prestholtseter med servering av rømmegrøt

Food service cabins - summer & autumn

The serving and accommodation cabins in the mountain are good starting points and destinations for those who want to explore the nature

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Food service cabins in winter

Food service and accommodation cabins in the mountains are good starting points and destinations for those who want to explore the nature

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Food & Beverages in Ski Center

Restaurants and cafes in the ski centers in Geilo! Here you will find 6 unique concepts, but all with the same vision, good ingredients

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Catering and rental of premises

In Geilo you will find companies that deliver delicious catering, rental of party rooms and party tents for every occasion.

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Grocery stores & liquor store

In the heart of the city center, you will find a wide selection of grocery stores. All grocery stores in the city center are open on Sundays. Further out, in the hamlets, you will find supermarkets with most of the necessities. On the ground floor of the Amfi shopping center, which is located in the center, you will find Vinmonopolet (liquor store). 

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