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Geilo is a small settlement in one of Norway's largest village municipalities, Hol Municipality in Viken county. At about 750 meters elevation, you will find Geilo with mountains on both sides.

The destination aims to be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.


A Typical Mountain Destination

Geilo is located in Hol, which is a typical mountain municipality, where large parts of the area are located over 900 meters elevation. The highest point in the municipality is Hallingskarvet (1933 m elevation) and the lowest point is about 450 meters elevation. Geilo is the main tourist attraction in the municipality, with many accommodation offers. At most, there can be over 40,000 people in the municipality, with a population of approximately 4500.

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In 2019 and 2020, the ski center was named "Norway's Best Ski Resort" and the cross-country trails offer high quality with majestic views. 

In Geilo and the surrounding area, there are plenty of activities and new experiences for the whole family. In winter, skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing are high on the list. Here you can go skiing from October/November to late April. For the extra eager cross-country skiers, you can ski up in the mountains until late May. In addition to skiing, you will find a number of other exciting activities, such as dogsledding, fatbike cycling, ice swimming and much more. Eating and drinking, spa and wellness are also among the many favorites of the visitors, all year round.

When summer is just around the corner, the mountain turns into a green, activity paradise. Skiing is replaced with a wide range of cycling, and down the mountain you can take a 1,100-meter long zipline to the climbing park. Water activities are also very popular, including rafting, canyoning, renting canoes, boats and SUP (Stand-Up Paddling), fishing and much more. Festivals, learning about culture and history are also something you can experience in Geilo. Did you know that there is a cultural monument in Geilo from the 10th century?

Hiking and walks into the national parks are also very popular, and you will find tours suitable for everyone, dining in the mountains, exploration with post hunting, and more. In the beginning of September, you feel that autumn is upon us, but it is fresh mountain air and colder nights that make the mountain slowly change colour. Geilo can proudly offer a wide variety of adventures in the mountains throughout the year.

Bergensbanen til Geilo

Where is Geilo located?

Geilo is located in the middle of the country between Oslo and Bergen. About 3.5 hours from Oslo and 3 hours from Bergen. The center of Geilo is located in a small valley with mountains on both sides, which is also the gateway to the two national parks, Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda. The Bergen Railway runs through this small National Park Village, Geilo. With the Bergen railway, tourists and visitors can easily take the green alternative, to travel by train to Geilo.

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From Geilo, it is a short way to the fjords, such as Aurland and Flåm in the north, and Eidfjord in the west, where you can experience the popular Vøringsfossen waterfall. From Geilo, you are also in close proximity to a number of other ski centers, such as Dagali, Uvdal and Hallingskarvet Ski Center.

Based in Geilo, you have the perfect starting point throughout the year for a variety of adventures and activities, both in the mountains and on the water, for young and old.

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First Time in Geilo?

In Geilo you will find something for every taste! Here you can cycle, fish, play frisbee golf, go on great mountain hikes in the national parks, ski, go cross-country skiing, to a relaxing spa, bowl with the family… Get inspired and get to know Geilo.

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First Time in Geilo?

Learn more about Geilo and the surrounding areas, get inspired, and see everything you can do here in the high mountains.

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