The National Park Days

In honor of Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda!


Geilo is a National Park village, and therefore organizes the National Park Days in July each year. A whole week with a varied programme, mountain trips, food experiences and much more in honor of the National Parks. These are just some of the activities that take place in Geilo and near the two National Parks, Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. Also feel free to use the opportunity to take a (bicycle) trip to one of the many cozy food service cabins in the mountains.

Program for the National Park Days 2023


Friday 28 July

Stølsfestival at Hamarsbøen
Hamarsbøen has a farm in Kvisla and a cottage in Havsdalen, Hamarsbøen is part of Ostebygda, which is a collaboration between several farms that produce their own cheeses and/or local food. Hamarsbøen produces three different cheeses, at the cottage in Havsdalen you can also buy other local products. On the weekend of 28-30 July, the cottage organizes a festival with an interesting and content-rich programme. There will be a seminar and field walk with the focus on the life of the stables, along with a number of other activities for young and old.

Saturday 29 July

Peasant wedding Holsdagen
Experience how a wedding took place in the 19th century. Holsdagen starts at 11:00 at Hol Gamle Kyrkje with a mass, then the bridal procession starts at 11:30 along the Holsfjorden to Hol Bygdemuseum where the party continues with a wedding party from 12:45 p.m. In the evening, there is a special Holsdag party at Bardøla Fjelltun. For more information and tickets see here.

Sunday 30 July, Thursday 3 and Sunday 6 August

Day at Langedrag Nature Park
Travel back in time, join the sitting day and experience the life as it was in the old days. Go to old huts with the goats, along the way you will learn everything about goat farming and you will get to make your own cheese. The trip is 1.5 km. Registration via Langedrag Nature Park's own pages.

Thursday 3 August

Running camp at Fagerheim with Bergans Adventures
Treat yourself to both training and relaxation in the beautiful summer mountains! The area around Fagerheim is fantastic for mountain running. Here you will find easy-to-run paths with little stone and little incline. They run for three days with Fagerheim Fjellstugu as their base. Here you get both good beds, delicious locally produced food and yoga for runners is included. Get ready for a great run and pleasant running community! See here for more detailed information.

Exclusive guided full-day trip to Tvergastein and tour inside Tvergastein
Join a exclusive guided tour from Ustaoset with guide Hilde from Vinternatt all the way to the cabin of the famous Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss. Only today you will be able to take a look inside Tvergastein with two guides Lotte Næss and Tine Blom, who will inform you about the deep and shallow ecological philosophy he designed. There is only place for 10 persons per tour, one tour a day on both 3th and the 4th of August. Needs to be pre-booked with Vinternatt. For more information about the tour and booking see here.

Saturday 5 August

The Halfway Festival
Halne Fjellstugu invites you to a concert with Daniel Kvammen and the Wick Street Band. Experience magical music and a good mountain party in the boathouse by the Halnefjord on Saturday 5 August, where east meets west. Start at 18:00 Tickets NOK 590. Order tickets here.

Sunday 6 August

Cultural irrigation with Fekjo's Friends
CANCELLED, due to sickness of the guide

Serving locations

Food service cabins on Hardangervidda such as Hakkesesetstølen fjellstue, Tuva Turisthytte, Halne Fjellstugu and Torsetlia Fjellstue are open every day, as well as food service cabins at Hallingskarvet such as Prestholtseter, Finse1222 and Storestølen Fjellhotell.

The program is updated continuously, with both individual events and ongoing activities.



At Geilojordet, close to the city center there is an open cafe during the summer and theater storytelling every day between 11 and at 16.

Activities throughout the week

There is a lot to do in Geilo in July. During the National Park Days, there are several activities that are worth trying. Book your experience here!

Canoe rental (Hol Turlag) - at Veslefjorden
30 Nov - 15 Oct

Canoe rental (Hol Turlag) - at Veslefjorden

4 available canoes in «Veslefjorden».

The National Park Days - A green event

  • Since 2006 vi are proud to be a Sustainable Travel Destination and the company Visit Geilo AS is also an Environmental Lighthouse Company. This means that we have a set of strict quality requirements for, among other things, all of our events.
  • We must document to the Norwegian Lighthouse Foundation that requirements for the working environment, procurement, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics have been met.
  • We would like to encourage everyone to use public transport, carpool or to walk or cycle, from and during Nasjonalparkdagene, where possible. For the journey to and from Geilo, we recommend taking the train or bus. See information about timetables at, als application for your mobile phone.
  • We can also recommend the En-tur app for information on timetables for all types of public transport.
Sykling og vandring Hallingskarvet

National Parks

Geilo - National Park Village: Hallingskarvet National Park and Hardangervidda National Park

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