Summer holiday in Geilo

Cozy family experiences!

The mountain village that provides quality time and fun activities for the family! The summer in Geilo is something special, the center is surrounded by mountain peaks with fantastic views, the surrounding nature is green and lush and the blue fjord glistens in the sun. For the family, the days are filled with cozy family experiences outdoors, and the evenings are spent indoors with good food and entertainment. This is Norwegian mountain summer at its best!

Summer holiday in Geilo - How to plan

How to get here - Geilo is located on the mountain midway between Oslo and Bergen. From Oslo it is approx. 220 km and from Bergen approx. 244 km by car. The easiest and fastest way to get to Geilo is to take a train, the train runs directly from both Oslo and Bergen stations.

Accommodation - Stay at one of the family-friendly hotels, such as Vestlia Resort, Ustedalen Resort and Dr. Holms Hotel. They all have good locations and can offer, among other things, a swimming pool, restaurant and a bar. If you want self-catering, we have several cabins and apartments that are perfect for a cozy family holiday.

Summer activity - Treat yourself to one or several activities that give you memories for a lifetime! Pre-book an outdoor activity suitable for both young and old, how about a trip to the climbing park, rafting or a bath in a mountain lake with relaxation in a sauna?

Attractions - Geilo has a long history and a lot of culture! Feel free to visit one of our many attractions to see and learn more about Geilo. We recommend a trip to Geilojordet, close to the city centre. In the summer there are performances and an outdoor cafe.

Biking - No summer is complete without a bike ride. In Geilo, you can choose between many different bike tracks, mountain biking and miles of dirt roads into the mountains and around the fjord. We recommend a stop at one of the serving cabins in the mountains if you are nearby.

Book a table - Regardless of where you want to live, it is extra nice to be able to go to a restaurant one night to enjoy a good dinner. We recommend booking in advance if you have a special wish for a restaurant and time.

Shopping - The center of Geilo consists of a cozy pedestrian street, with many shops and cafes. Take a break from the activities, explore the center of Geilo and all it has to offer!

Accommodation suitable for everyone

At Geilo there are accommodation options suitable for everyone, you can choose between hotels, cabins, apartments and camping. Summer holiday in the mountain are an unforgettable experience!


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Cozy activities for a fun summer holiday

No summer holiday is complete without a fun and enjoyable activity suitable for the whole family! In Geilo there are many exciting activities to choose from, try your luck with gourmet fishing, a boat trip in the realm of wild reindeer, or how about a visit to Langedrag Nature Park or to a kennel full of puppies? Some of the activities require transport as they are outside Geilo.

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01 Jul - 01 Sep


Combine your hike with a boat trip in the National Park!

Langedrag Naturpark - Entrance ticket
18 May - 18 Feb

Langedrag Naturpark - Entrance ticket

A unique experience with over 300 animals spread over 20 different species in their natural habitat.

Food and drink in Geilo

Geilo has a large selection of restaurants that offer food and drink in all varieties. From the simplest tasty meals, to the most delicious menus with accompanying drinks for all heroes and heroines!