Girls trip to Geilo

The perfect girlfriend getaway with skiing, shopping & champagne!


Do you need some quality time with the girls? We give you all the advice and tips you need for a successful girls' trip to Geilo. Now all you have to do is pack your bags, show up and enjoy the trip!

This is how you plan a girls' trip

We give you all the inside information!


Train - Take the train directly to Geilo. Here everyone can relax, take a well-deserved drink, sit back and enjoy the trip up to the mountain.

Accommodation - Stay centrally at one of our hotels with a spa, Dr. Holms Hotel or Vestlia Resort. In addition to the spa, these hotels can also offer, a central location, ski-in ski-out, delicious hotel breakfast, restaurant and a bar. Dr. Holms Hotel is also known for its legendary après ski. Do you want to stay in a cabin or in an apartment, but still close to centre? we have several self-catering properties that are just perfect.

Spa and wellness - Pre-book a spa treatment or an appointment in the relax department.

Winter activity - Pre-book a fun outdoor activity. What about ice bathing and sauna, dog sledding, winter horseback riding or snowshoeing? No girl's trip is complete without memories to last a lifetime and a picture for instagram!

Book a table - Regardless of where you want to live, there is something special about dressing up a little extra to go out to eat a delicious dinner at a nice restaurant.

Go skiing - Bring your skis or rent the equipment you need in the ski centre. There is something liberating about speeding down the alpine hill and feeling how your legs work in every turn. A stop at Kikuttoppen Vinbar is a must for the girl gang!

Shopping and champagne - Friday afternoon or Saturday morning is perfect for a little shopping trip downtown. The clothing stores Samsara and Bentestova are really worth a visit. Saturday afternoon is set aside for real après-ski, either in Havsdalskroa or at Dr. Holms Hotel.


Spa, ski, sleep and repeat

Let the girls' trip begin!


Arrival day

When the train arrives at Geilo station you will be greeted by a beautiful winter landscape and a wonderful crisp air! If you have chosen to stay at Vestlia Resort, a hotel car will pick you up at the station, while at Dr. Holms Hotel you can just walk straight from the train into the hotel door. If you live in a self-catering accommodation, it is walking distance from the station to some of the cabins, and if they are a little further away, there are taxis on stanby at the station. Now you all can just enjoy the rest of the evening with pleasant company, nice food and something good to drink!

Day 1

You wake up refreshed, and enjoy a long and delicious breakfast, while the sun slowly but surely rises behind the mountain. You have some free time before the pre-booked activity so you decide to take a trip to the center to do some last minute shopping. A visit to the clothing store Samsara and Bentestova is a must for all girls. And what's a shopping day without a trip to a cafe? Right next to Samsara is Perleporten café and bar, hey offer both food and drink. In the afternoon it is time for a winter activity, the duration depends on what you have booked. But anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours is normal. After a long day outdoors with shopping and activity, it's good to know that a spa treatment awaits, with access to the relax area. The rest of the evening is spent at the hotel or at the cabin, with a delicious dinner and good drinks!

Day 2

Rested and full of energy, you are ready for a new day. After a long and pleasant breakfast, with lots of coffee, it's time to change into ski clothes. Depending on where you live, you can either walk out the door and straight into the ski lift, or jump on the ski bus that takes you directly to the ski lift. You start by skiing for a few hours in Vestlia before taking your lunch break at Kikut Bistro. Here they serve exclusive dishes with elements of local ingredients. You ski a few turns in the Kikut lift, before the next stop is Kikuttoppen Wine bar. The old lift hut has been converted into a wine bar, and together with a glass of wine you get a spectacular view of Hallingskarvet. Then you rush back down to the bottom of the Vestlia lift, get on the ski bus that takes you over to the Geilo lift. Here there are many ski slopes to choose from and we recommend doing a few trips on this side as well, before you head for Havsdalen and après ski at Havsdalskroa. The last ski bus from après ski leaves at 19.30, but you have taken the bus a little earlier as you have reserved a table at Smakeriet Beefbar at 8 p.m., this is a restaurant with a good atmosphere, rich taste experiences and a stylish interior. Some may be a little tired now, and think about going to bed, while some want to continue the evening in the ski bar at Dr. Holms Hotel. Anyway, it's been a good day everyone!

Departure day

Some may be a little more tired than others today, but the moods are at its best. You eat a really good breakfast with eggs and bacon, while you reminisce about the weekend. Now all that remains is to pack your bag, get to the train station and wait for the train that will take you home safely!

Everyone agrees - This is the perfect girl's trip to the mountains!

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Culinary experiences

From local food to a cognac cart

Geilo has a large selection of restaurants that offer food and drink in all varieties. From the simplest tasty meals, to the most delicious menus with accompanying drinks. The restaurants mentioned above can be found in the overview below, both places in the center of Geilo and in the ski centre.