Ice bathing and Saunas


We would assume that this is the coldest thing that you can do in the mountains and it is for everyone! The guide, Hilde, from Vinternatt, participates in ice swimming from the start to the end and ensures an unforgettable experience combined with high security. Vinternatt organizes ice bathing throughout the whole winter at Ustaoset.
After ice bathing, you will experience a rush, where the blood flows out into the body, and, for many, this will be experienced as a feeling of happiness! The body produces endorphins and the good feeling of getting out of the water is enhanced. Fresh and renewed, you will walk off the ice with a new image for social media, and, most importantly, a feeling of achievement!

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Ice bathing, Sauna & Panoramic Views



What is better than stepping into a warm, wonderful sauna, with a panoramic view, after a fresh dip in the icy water? Guaranteed an unforgettable experience for friends, girlfriends, family or groups!

Ice bathing
23 Mar - 14 May

Ice bathing

A nice suprise for your body and mind.

90 min sauna and ice bathing at Ustaoset (Winter)
23 Mar - 01 May

90 min sauna and ice bathing at Ustaoset

90 minutes private sauna experience combined with ice bathing.

Snowshoeing, ice fishing and mountain hiking


Hilde i Vinternatt also organizes, snowshoeing, ice fishing, gourmet fishing, sauna and bathing in the summer and guided mountain hikes for the whole family!

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Saunas and Bathing

At Ustaoset you get the opportunity to take part in a real mountain spa. Guide Hilde in Vinternatt offers a sauna experience at Ustaoset all

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