Dog Sledding


At Geilo, there are two activity providers that offer dog sledding.

Geilo Husky offers tours, from 5-10 km and under the stars. Geilo Husky only uses professional dog handlers who happily share their history and real dog life. Dog sledding with Geilo Husky starts at Vestlia, which includes a bonfire and hot drink. You also always get the opportunity to drive the dog team all by yourself!

Geilo Dogsledding offers tours of 5 or 10 km. Each dog team has two sleds, so you as a guest will get the feeling of driving a large team, while safety is well taken care of by an experienced dog driver standing on the sled at the back. You can also choose to sit nice and warm in the sled! The trips start from Geilo Badestrand, mainly only on Saturdays, and winter holidays/Easter. Geilo Dogsledding is a small family business that has been professionally dog ​​sledding for many years!


Dog sledding is very popular, so if you want to participate, we recommend that you book early. Dog sledding is a perfect family activity and can also be adapted for the disabled. Contact the suppliers directly for group bookings or customized tours.

Book dog sledding with Geilo Husky

They offer dog sledding on the Ustedalsfjorden and under the starry sky, starting in Vestlia.

Book dog sledding with Geilo Dogsledding

They offer dog sled tours on the Ustedalsfjord starting at Geilo beach.

Practical Tips and Advice




Normal winter clothing is great for dog sledding. Sturdy winter shoes, preferably with a firm sole (not Moon Boots), warm hat and gloves/mittens. If it snows, we recommend ski goggles/sunglasses to protect the eyes. 

Security and Insurance

Geilo Husky gives instructions to all guests before the trip, and there is always an experienced dogsledder/guide with guests on the first sled. Dogsledding is not a high-risk activity, but if one is unlucky, then an accident can also occur as in all other activities. Geilo Husky has insurance for accidents, but it is strongly recommended that all guests also have their own travel insurance.

Quality is Important 

The authentic experience is what Geilo Husky wants to convey. All the dogsledders who work for Geilo Husky are experienced and all the dogs are trained for competitions and expeditions - no one has dogs just to drive tourists. Dog welfare and that the dogs are happy is always the highest priority. Knowledge and dissemination of proper dog care, competitions, expeditions and how this is a lifestyle, is a big part of the experience, together with beautiful nature and happy dogs!

Kennel visits & dog sledding in the autumn

Geilo Husky

Visit Geilo Husky's kennel with long-distance huskies, medium-distance hounds and cute puppies. From autumn, they also offer dog sledding in lovely autumn colours.

Husky meet and greet
16 Jul - 31 Aug

Husky meet and greet

Visit Geilo Huskys kennel and meet real longdistance huskies, middistance hounds and playful puppies