Langedrag Nature Park


Langedrag Nature Park is located between Numedal and Hallingdal, only a short hour's drive from Geilo. In the park, there are over 350 animals and around 25 species. At Langedrag you will get up close to both domestic and wild animals, and you will surely have an experience that you will never forget.

Here you will be able to cuddle with soft, curious baby goats and beautiful Scottish highland cattle. In beautiful surroundings, you can enjoy the animals up close, and guided tours are organized (included in the entrance ticket) which will give you knowledge about the different species and about the farm's history. Langedrag is open every day from 10am-6pm (with the exception of 17 May, 24/25 December).

Langedrag has large play areas for children with a focus on "play and learning" via activities, nature trails and play stations. Here, the children can develop themselves and compare themselves to the animals in a fun way. The children's areas have, among other things, their own fun track, zipline, swing stand and sandbox, all of which are included in the entrance ticket.

Experience the animals up close



The regular feeding program is included in the entrance ticket and is organized every day at 12:00 and 14:00.

At 12:00 you can join both the reindeer and the moose where you can feed the animals directly from your hand and at 2:00 p.m. you can join in feeding the wolves, lynxes and join in with both arctic foxes and red foxes.

Langedrag Naturpark - Entrance ticket
02 Dec - 18 Feb

Langedrag Naturpark - Entrance ticket

A unique experience with over 350 animals spread over 25 different species in their natural habitat....


Langedrag package incl. Entrance

Accommodation 2 nights + Entrance to Langedrag Nature Park. Welcome into the world of animals!

Welcome inside in the world of animals!

Questions? Please contact Langedrag directly: [email protected] or +47 32 74 25 50


Facts about Langedrag Nature Park

  • Park with long traditions, opened 1978
  • Family business
  • Participated in a research project on wolves since the 1980s
  • Production farm. Try homemade ice cream and cheese in the cafe
  • Environmental lighthouse certified company

Extend the visit?

Stay on the farm and wake up to wolf howls.

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