Local food

Local food has a long tradition here in Geilo and in Hol municipality.

Here you will find several local food producers and restaurants with a focus on local food.


The terms used about local food have changed in recent years. Short-distance, local food, small-scale and other commonly used terms. Explore and enjoy the taste of short-distance food in the mountains. With long food traditions, Geilo and Hol have many small companies and restaurants that produce and offer local food. You will find everything from different methods of preserving fish and meat, bakeries, local cheese producers, to restaurants that serve local venison.

Our chefs and food producers are very proud of the food they make. We have cheese producers, meat processing companies, restaurants that use local food, delicatessens and grocery stores that all offer local food. Produced here in the area. The hotels in Geilo also have access to all this, and many are good at putting local food on the menu. Farmers and food producers are an incredibly important part of your overall experience in the area. We hope you have time to taste our local ingredients.


Nature's best ingredients

Juicy green grass and fresh air is a good recipe for good milk which in turn gives good dairy products and meat. Hol Municipality has two National Parks, Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. Wild reindeer and goats graze here. Here you will find beautiful and red mountain trout, suitable for both dinner and processing such as smoking and digging. On the marshes grow cloudberries, in the forests there are blueberries, crackling, cranberries and mushrooms. The nature has a lot to offer.

Utsalgssteder som tilbyr lokalmat

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