Plan Your Stay in Geilo

Choose right and get the best out of your stay in Geilo. Below we have gathered useful information so that you and your travel companion can make the best decisions.

Geilo is a year-round destination and offers a variety of experiences and summer and winter activities. It is therefore a good idea to familiarize yourself a little with what Geilo has to offer and where they are located, so that you can choose what suits you the best.


Planning guide

Take the planning guide and be offered accommodation options that suit you and your travel companion.

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Maps and areas of Geilo

See areas and maps of Geilo, find out where you want to stay, and see maps of activities and adventures, hiking maps, cycling, skiing and

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Book accommodation in Geilo

Search and book accommodations in and around Geilo. Our village offers everything from spa hotels to cabins, apartments and camping. Explore

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Articles and the latest news

Geilo sentrum

First Time in Geilo?

Learn more about Geilo and the surrounding areas, get inspired, and see everything you can do here in the high mountains.

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Halne Fjellstugu

Food and beverages in Geilo

Geilo has a large selection of restaurants that offer delicious food and drink in all varieties. From the simplest tasty meals, to the most

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Helt pa vidda

Happenings in Geilo

Find out what is happening in Geilo, and the surrounding areas during your visit, or take a look and find the current events you want to

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How to Travel to Geilo

Geilo is located midway between Oslo and Bergen, in Hol Municipality. The most common travel methods here are by car, bus or train.

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Langedrag Naturpark

All activities

As a year-round destination, Geilo can offer a varied range of activities and experiences, summer and winter - for the whole family!

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Biking in Geilo

Geilo is on its way to becoming a biking paradise, and boasts many great biking opportunities for the whole family, for beginners, and

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Vandring Hardangervidda

Hiking in Geilo

Recommended trips, maps and areas. In Geilo, you will find hiking trails that are suitable for everyone, with a panoramic view of the

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