Geilo Track and Trail Group

Geilo Track and Trail Group facilitates good experiences throughout the year. In winter, you can enjoy 500 km of ski tracks, both close to the village center and in the mountains. Geilo has long and snowy winters, and there are often skiing opportunities from October to May. The other seasons offer fantastic opportunities for hiking and biking.

Geilo Track and Trail Group is an organization that will operate and further develop the ski track and trail network in Geilo and the surrounding areas. In collaboration with members, landowners and Hol Municipality, they provide well-marked trails, prepared cross-country tracks, and exciting cycling opportunities.


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Geilo Track and Trail Group spends millions on grooming ski tracks in Geilo every year. In addition, there are expenses for marking, summer maintenance, and further development of paths and trails. They depend on getting as many people as possible in the group, so we can ensure, together, that Geilo has the best ski tracks, well-marked hiking trails, and exciting cycling opportunities. 

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Geilo Sti- og Løypelag bruker årlig flere millioner på tråkking av skiløyper på Geilo. I tillegg kommer utgifter til merking, sommervedlikehold og videreutvikling av stier og løyper. De er avhengig av å få med flest mulig på laget, så vi sammen kan sikre at Geilo har de beste skiløypene, godt merket turstier og spennende sykkelmuligheter. 

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