Saunas and Bathing



At Ustaoset you get the opportunity to take part in a real mountain spa. Guide Hilde in Vinternatt offers a sauna experience at Ustaoset all year round. You are welcome to enter a warm and clean sauna for private use for 1.5 hours. The sauna has a panoramic window with a view of Hardangervidda, it has a wood fire and has plenty of room for 6 seated people. If you want to lie down, there is plenty of room for 2 people and if you know each other extra well, you will have room for 8 people. The sauna is always located with good bathing conditions right outside the door. Imagine a hike in the mountains that ends with a bath in Ustevatn followed by a warm and delicious sauna with a fantastic view! Or in combination with a refreshing ice bath in winter!

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90 min sauna and bath at Ustaoset
20 Jun - 30 Sep

90 min sauna and bath at Ustaoset

90 minutes private sauna experience. Always located with good bathing possibility right outside the…

Sauna & cold water therapy with Hilde
20 Jun - 30 Sep

Sauna & cold water therapy with Hilde

2-hour sauna ritual with essential oils, herbs, herbal tea, steam, music, singing, and cold water

Snowshoeing, ice fishing and mountain hiking



Hilde i Vinternatt also organizes, snowshoeing, ice fishing, gourmet fishing, sauna and ice bathing in the winter and guided mountain hikes for the whole family!

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Ice bath and sauna

A wonderful shock for body and soul! How about stepping outside your comfort zone and try ice bathing? It gives a wonderful kick of joy and

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