Fishing waters in Geilo


This is a private water in Budalen.

The water is idyllically located close to Budalsvegen with a wonderful view of the Hallingskarvet. Good population with some elements of large trout.

Fishing license: Paid at the fishing license box at the eastern parking lot.
Toll road: Yes



Medium stock, occasionally large fish. Note that parts of the water are not open to the public (see fishing license).

Fishing license: Bought at Myrland Tourist Center and Storestølen Fjellstugu.
Toll road: No



Sveingardsbotn, north of Fv.50, it is possible to get to the high mountain Skorpa. Steep and sometimes difficult terrain to walk in, but several exciting waters where the mountain management has stocked fish in recent years.

Fishing license: Free pole fishing. More info: www.hol-fjellstyre.no
Toll road: No



Geiteryggvatna, Bakkahellertjørnane and Omnsvatnet lie in fantastically beautiful mountain scenery. The part of the area in particular is well worth a visit on its own. The trout population is variable, but there are large fish in the waterfall.

Fishing license: Bought at Geiterygghytta.
Toll road: No


Innoset in Hovsfjorden and west

Via gravel roads in Sør-Hovet or the "Ruud-brua" there is easy access to this part of the river, which in periods can offer fun fishing with the possibility of larger trout, especially in the lower part towards the Hovsfjord.

Fishing license: Bought at Birkelund Camping and Holestøl Apartment.
Toll road: No



Selv om Holsfjorden ligger tett ved Fv. 50 gjennom hele Holsbygda, kan det være litt utfordrende å finne gode fiskeplasser fra land hvis en ikke er lokalkjent. Tilgang til båt er fordelaktig. Mye ørret av fin kvalitet fra 350 gram til nærmere kiloen. Større fisk på tre-fire kilo har også forekommet. Røye forekommer hyppig blant fangsten.

Fiskekort: Kiwi Hagafoss.
Bomveg: Nei



The river tat leads to Strandafjorden, with its large trout, which periodically migrate up from the fjord, has become a term for many fly fishermen. This part of the river has a strict management regime with special rules for fishing methods, gear, maximum fish sizes and zoning. Read the fishing rules carefully!

Fishing license: www.inatur.no. Other information: www.fiskeihemsedal.no (here is a separate link for Holselva).
Toll road: No


Tuva Sameige

In the area around Tuva Turisthytte, there are many opportunities for those who want easy terrain and a relatively short way to the fishing waters, as well as the feeling of being on Hardangervidda National Park. The fish stock is balanced and good.

Fishing license: Bought at Tuva Turisthytte.
Toll road: Yes (prohibited for motorhomes).


Lågen from Øvre Svangtjørne and west to Ossjøen and Heinelvi

From Heinelvi in ​​Hardangervidda, Lågen makes its way via Ossjøen, here the river course continues through Seterdalen and eventually the village of Dagali. The local trout in the river are usually small, but at times large fish migrate up from nearby water. Every year, Ossjøen can show great catches taken on sports fishing gear.

Fishing license: Bought at Joker Dagali Handel, Dagali Hotell, Oset Fjellstue and Åan Turisthytte.
Toll road: Yes


Lower part of Skurdalsvatnet

Varied population of trout and char. Pleasant surroundings well protected with forest on all sides.

Fishing license: Bought at Knuts Hyttegrend and Grøsland Camping.
Toll road: No


Lower part of Holmevatn

Much of the same surroundings and fishing conditions as the above-mentioned area (Skurdalsvatnet).

Fishing license: Bought at Lia Fjellhotell and Arne Lien. More info: Send email to: [email protected]
Toll road: No


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Fishing on Hardangervidda

With its multitude of fishing waters of all sizes, rivers and streams, Hardangervidda is an eldorado for fishermen, and offers great opportunities for spectacular fishing experiences. Hardangervidda National Park is the largest continuous high mountain plateau where trout is the dominant fish species in Europe. Whether you are on a family holiday and want to take the children on a nice excursion, or you are an experienced fisherman, there are several trip options that suit you and your needs.

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