Art - a wide range of art in the mountains

Geilo and Hol offer a wide range of art. Art exhibitions are arranged throughout the year - stay tuned to the event calendar to see the art highlights!


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Every year, Hol Old Church and Tinghuset in Hol arrange a summer exhibition with applied art together with Hol Bygdemuseum. At Geilojordet and at Dagali Bygdemuseum, exhibitions are arranged with a wide range, everything from antique sports equipment, textile art, decorations and pictures - this also happens in the summer months.

Among our hotels and accommodations in the municipality are several beautiful art treasures.


Vestlia Resort
The Gundersen Colletion can be found at Vestlia Resort. An impressive collection of art and Norwegian peasant antiques. A large collection of beer hens and paintings in addition to Norway's most important private collection with Munch graphics and not least over 50 works by Peder Balke.

Dr.Holms Hotel
If you visit Dr.Holms you will experience a hotel with a lot of history in the walls, a historic atmosphere with an impressive art collection on the walls and classic furniture.

There are also art treasures outdoors in the mountains. These collections are available to everyone and have no opening hours. We highly recommend a visit to Huldreskogen, an outdoor gallery with large art photographs by the artist Margrete Birkeland. Short distance from the train station, Geilo Kulturkyrkje and Geilojordet. A great hike with an inspiring break. There is also a campfire site and stories about the characters you meet who come from our folk beliefs.

At Fekjo Cultural Heritage Park, there are many cultural monuments from both prehistoric and historical times. With burial mounds from the Viking Age, sound and light cultures, the place is definitely worth a visit. Fekjo is a short walk from the car park to Geilo Badestrand.



Local artists

Hol municipality also houses a lot of local artists who have both settled down, and use the beautiful area as their inspiration. Glass artist Gunnveig Nerol with Nerol glass and ceramics studio. You can find her work at Geilo Library with painted columns, murals and painted carved wooden shapes in the "adventure room":

Photographer Terje Bjørnsen, who has been based in Geilo since 2005. Terje has on several occasions had exhibitions locally, and is best known for his beautiful photos of Hallingskarvet, which is his favorite object. Terje Bjørnsen also takes on photo assignments, bridal photos, advertisements and portraits - often with his favorite motif in the background.

There are several photographers in Hol municipality who accept assignments and sell photos. Among others, Morten Knudsen who makes decorative pictures and has a sales exhibition in Building A in the Amfi shopping center.

Geilo Kulturkyrkje

A church, a concert venue, art gallery and church office. The church has an art gallery with exhibitions from various artists throughout the year. Here you will find paintings, pictures, ceramics or jewelry. It can be local, famous or unknown artists. The gallery is free and open to everyone. Each exhibition tends to hang for about two months. Kirketorget is open every day where you can also buy a hot cup of coffee and steaming fresh waffle before or after the art walk. Read more