The children`s best Christmas holiday

Christmas in the mountains is magical!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? You can get the ultimate white Christmas celebration at Geilo. Start the Christmas celebrations by taking the train directly to Geilo, and experience a journey through magical winter landscapes and small towns decorated for Christmas. Once you've arrived in Geilo, you can lower your shoulders, breathe out and enjoy a cozy Christmas celebration with the whole family! 


Christmas Eve package incl. Skipass

Accommodations 3 nights + Skipass 3 days. A magical Christmas celebration in wonderful surroundings in Geilo! 


Christmas Holiday package incl. Skipass

Accommodations 3 nights + Skipass 3 days. Treat yourself to a few cozy days with the family!

Family activities

After a few quiet days with lots of food, it can be good to move around a bit. An activity suitable for the whole family is both enjoyable and fun. Whether you want to challenge yourself or just want a low-threshold activity that is suitable for everyone

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Get the ultimate Christmas feeling when you step into the world of animals at Langedrag. The farm is decorated for Christmas both inside and out and the animals are in their best winter fur! Here you will be able to cuddle with soft, curious baby goats and beautiful Scottish highland cattle. You will also have the opportunity to take part in feeding reindeers, moose and wolves. Have you perhaps ever dreamed of snowracing after a horse? At Langedrag you will alot of activities for young and old.

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Whether you like cross-country or alpine skiing, you will find your skiing paradise at Geilo! With many alpine slopes and miles of cross-country trails, you'll find something to suit everyone, from children and beginners to experienced ski enthusiasts. Doesn't it sound cozy to ski for a few hours until your body gets tired and your cheeks turn pink, then sit in front of the fireplace with a hot cocoa?

Skiing for the kids

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SkiGeilo skiskole
Bowling at Bowl and Dine


Is the weather outside bad, or maybe you just want to spend the day inside? Bowling is the perfect family activity. All courses have the option of a course fence that prevents the ball from ending up in the chute. Maybe the youngest child will be a bowling champion?

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Food & Drinks

What Christmas is all about is for everyone to relax og sit back. What could be better than coming to a fully set table? Do you stay at hotel you can choose to have dinner included, and the children can choose freely from the evening buffet. If you want lunch or dinner, Sofias Restaurant is a place for the whole family with good food and drinks in a cozy and nice atmosphere. Whether you are staying in a hotel, cabin or apartments, take away is also a fantastic option, after a lot of Christmas food you might be tempted to try the sushi from Geilo sushi


Ski in & out

Stay close to the ski lift and avoid the stress of driving and finding a parking lot, and between the ski resorts just take the ski bus. Whether you choose a hotel or self-catering, there are many options in Geilo. The hotels are magnificently decorated for Christmas and you can't help but feel the Christmas spirit. If you choose self-catering, you completely decide the pace yourself, and what is more cozy than sitting in front of the fireplace with the children and a cup of hot cocoa after a long day outside?

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Take the magic train

Take the kids on an unforgettable Christmas journey! Imagine that the train in front of you is the Polar Express, which will take you on an adventurous journey through the country. Step into the world of magic, sit back and let the train take you safely to Geilo. On the journey, you will experience powerful nature, Christmas-decorated towns and sparkling white winter landscapes. It is not without reason that the Bergen Railway is called one of the world's most beautiful train journeys. 

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