Isfiske vinternatt

Ice Fishing for the Whole Family

Bring your family and have an exciting experience this winter out on the ice. Guide Hilde from Vinternatt is a trained, outdoor guide, and takes you safely out on the Ustedalsfjorden lake or at Ustaoset to try your luck at fishing.


Ice fishing is suitable for both big and small. With Vinternatt and guide Hilde, you are always in safe hands. She brings with her all of the necessary equipment, so that you can enjoy your time together on the ice under safe conditions and on safe ice. If the ice should be covered in snow, you use snowshoes to get to the fishing area. You get to participate in boring through the ice, learn about ice fishing, and be ready for the big catch! Enjoy your surroundings and find peace with the view over snow-covered mountains, and have a great time around the bonfire. Hilde shares part of her experience as an outdoor guide and singer—maybe you will be lucky and hear a little tune around the bonfire, together with a warm drink, and a nice snack.

It’s impossible to know if the fish will bite, but that makes it even more exciting when it first happens—maybe you will be lucky and catch something!

Ice fishing is organized during the day; and is, therefore, perfect for families with children.

Tips for Ice Fishing: 

Tips for Ice Fishing:

Five tips to become a professional ice fisher!
1. Stay warm and wear warm clothing: It can get cold fast out on the ice, so make sure that you dress warmly with warm clothing and footwear that are water-resistant. 
2. Something on which to sit: To keep from getting cold on your behind, it is smart to have something on which to sit: for example, a stool-backpack or a plastic box.
3. Food and drink: Even a hero needs food and drink. Bring with you a warm drink and something to eat.
4. Bait: To lure fish, you need fish food, also called bait. This can be maggots and worms. But use your imagination—what do you think that fish like? 
5. Smile and have patience: The most important thing on a trip is always good humor. If the fish aren’t biting, you will, regardless, have a great memory to keep forever!

Isfiske vinternatt

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