Summer and Autumn Horseback

Summer and Autumn Offer Fantastic Riding Experiences in the Mountains!


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Experience Geilo from Horseback

Horse riding at Budalen

Experience Budalen

Supplier: Geilo Aktivitetssenter
Age limit: 10

Mountain riding for 1 or 3-hour tours is offered by Geilo Activity Center at Brusletto Farm. The tour takes place in beautiful terrain across the tree line, up towards Budalen, under the majestic Hallingskarvet. The hour-long trip is mainly on a gravel road, with some exciting detours past forest paths on the way. A trip with a great view of Geilo. If you want a longer trip, you can participate in 3 hours of mountain riding. Here, you ride up around 250 meters elevation before you ride in toward the Hallingskarvet. After an exciting river crossing at the Budalsvannet, the trip goes toward the Havsdalen Ski Center, before you turn back via the old Prestholtveien. Mountain riding has an age limit of 8 years and is organized during the summer vacation weeks.


Horse ridinng at Geilo

Experience Vestlia og Bruslettstølen

Supplier: Geilo Hestesenter
Age limit:
From 10 years

The 1, 2 and 4-hour riding tours are carried out by the Geilo Horse Center on Icelandic or Dole horses, from early spring to late autumn. The tour starts at the Geilo Horse Center in Vestlia, in varying terrain in places such as Slaattahølen, Bruslettstølen, and the Gamle Skurdalsvegen road, depending on the duration of the tour. The 1-hour ride is a nice ride for beginners and goes on a beautiful gravel road down along the water by the Geilo Cultural Church. The 2-hour trip takes you out into the forest and the lighted ski-track network terrain in Vestlia. If there are experienced riders, the guide adds a little speed and excitement along the way. Their longest ride of 4 hours goes up the hill in varied terrain towards Kikut and Bruslettstølen. During the trip, there is a small break where you get to stretch your legs and enjoy a great view of the Hallingskarvet. The rides with Geilo Horse Center have an age limit of 10 years.

Horseback riding tour - 1 hour
04 Oct - 17 Oct

Horseback riding tour - 1 hour

Season: June - October. For beginners. Start from Geilo Horse Centre.

Horseback riding tour - 2 hours
01 Oct - 17 Oct

Horseback riding tour - 2 hours

Season: June - October. The tour starts at Geilo Hestesenter, we ride on roads and paths in the surrounding...

Horseback riding tour - 4 hours
01 Oct - 17 Oct

Horseback riding tour - 4 hours

Season: June-October. Riding tour up the hill towards Kikut and Bruslettstøl. As we go, we will have...

For Small Children

Geilo Horse Center offers horses walked and led by employees (only available in the summer during the school holidays) around the riding arena or the field belonging to the farm for small children. A safe and nice experience where the children get to know the horse while an employee walks the horse--parents are, of course, welcome to go beside the horse, as well. If you want to go riding, please contact Geilo Horse Center directly.

Horse as a Means of Transport?

Covered Wagon

For sightseeing, parties or transport - a different way to transport your group. The covered wagon has room for 16 people, with two benches along the wagon sides, where you sit facing each other with a long table in the middle. The cloth over the wagon provides shelter on the road, and there is usually a good atmosphere on the trip with 2 or 4 teams with horses in front. Contact Geilo Horse Center directly for requests.

Wedding Transport

Give the day an extra touch with a horse ride on your wedding day. If the wedding is arranged in winter, the Austrian sleighs are used. Geilo Horse Center has special wedding pelts for the sleigh--a decorative framework for the day that also keeps you warm. If there is a wedding in the summer months, you can choose the Austrian sleigh or an old-fashioned carriage. The sled has room for 9 people, while the carriage seats 4 people. The horses are groomed and decorated, the harnesses freshly prepared and shiny. The driver is dressed in his finest--all to create an unforgettable experience!

Contact Geilo Horse center directly for wedding rides.

Two Skilled Providers

Geilo Hestesenter

Geilo Hestesenter

Riding experience in Geilo all year round. For both beginners and more experienced. Let the winter mood seep into the soul at the sound of the...

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Ridning i Budalen

Geilo Aktivitetssenter

In winter, the Geilo activity center offers speed and excitement with snowmobiling, snow rafting and team building up on the farm. They have...

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Horse sleigh ride at Geilo

Winter horseback riding

Horseback riding in the winter landscape is a fun and challenging experience. The horses are winter-giddy to take you into the winter terrain...

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