Beaches and swimmingpools

There are many great beaches and bathing spots in and around Geilo. Warm indoor pools, fresh mountain waters with a sandy beach or a hot sauna in the middle of the high mountains. Find your paradise below!

Beaches and bathing places

There are countless mountain lakes and beautiful spots in the area where you can take a refreshing dip. Below we have described a selection of our top five bathing spots in Hol Municipality.

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hengekøye geilo badestrand

Geilo beach

Although Geilo is located high in the mountains, Geilo beach is frequently used by locals and visitors throughout the summer. The beach has a volleyball net, a barbecue area in connection with a hut, a building with a changing room and toilet, and a large parking lot. Right next to the parking lot there is a fun cycle track, and the beach area is connected to the hiking trail around Ustedalsfjorden. If you want an activity other than swimming, we can recommend renting a canoe, which are available in the area around the fjord. It is not allowed to stay overnight in a mobile home/tent in the parking lot. For directions, see the interactive map further down the page.


In the area along Verpestølsvegen by Ustevatn, there are several nice places to swim. In summer it is also possible to rent a private sauna which is located at Ustaoset. Follow Rv7 towards Bergen to Ustaoset, approx. 10km from Geilo. The exit to Verpestølvegen is on the left before you reach Ustaoset, remember tolls. For directions, see the interactive map further down the page.

Bading ustevatnet


In the river between Ustevatn and Ustedalsfjord, there are several nice bathing spots. A fun hidden gem with a diving board is located along Rennedalsvegen. Do you want to swim here? Think about your own safety and check the depth of the water before jumping in. The flow of water in the river course varies throughout the season due to snowmelt and when large quantities of water can be released without warning from the waters further up the valley. For directions, see the interactive map further down the page.

Holsfjorden in Hol

Holsfjorden is a big favorite for families with easy access to changing rooms, slightly warmer water, benches and enough space for play and fun with, among other things, volleyball nets. If you want a place for a hammock, Holsfjorden is recommended. It is possible to walk around the entire lake, a stroll or cycle ride of around 12 km. For directions, see the interactive map further down the page.

Badestrand holsfjorden

Halletjønn in Sudndalen

After a great hike through forest and plains, you will be rewarded with a beautiful mountain lake with its own sandy beach and the majestic Hallingskarvet as a background. A perfect place to spend the day on hot, long summer days. For directions, see the interactive map further down the page.


Saunas and Bathing

At Ustaoset you get the opportunity to take part in a real mountain spa. Guide Hilde in Vinternatt offers a sauna experience at Ustaoset all

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Recommended places and directions

Filter on the desired activity, and read more about the various beach areas and how to get there.

Indoor swimming

In addition to many beaches, Geilo has several swimming pools that suit everyone. You will find, among other things, a swimming pool in Havsdalsgrenda, at Dr. Holm's hotel and the adventure pool at Vestlia Resort, which is very suitable for children. We recommend contacting the accommodation directly for price and availability.

Eventyrbadet Vestlia Resort

Eventyrbadet Vestlia Resort

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Swimmingpool at Havsdalsgrenda

Swimmingpool at Havsdalsgrenda

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Swimming pool at Dr. Holms

Swimming pool at Dr. Holms

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