Fishing luck in Geilo

Tips for those who are going fishing in Geilo this summer


Summer is getting closer, and you might feel a little itch in your casting arm. With a perfect location midway between Oslo and Bergen, you have an adventurous fishing eldorado at Geilo, combine the trip with an overnight stay at one of the many accommodations. Whether you are an eager angler, group of friends, or family, you will find fishing spots that will offer great nature experiences!

4 tips that can improve your fishing luck


Fishing Guarantee

If you are going fishing, but aren’t sure which end of the line with which to begin, then it can be smart to have some tips up your sleeve. Catching fish plays on the entire range of emotions, and there is rarely a shorter path between heaven and hell. There is never a fishing guarantee; but if you have a little knowledge as a foundation, your chances increase considerably. 

The Big Picture  

The fishing itself starts long before the first cast has been taken, whatever the gear. It is easy to run straight down to the water's edge without really thinking about what is happening in the surroundings. A good tip is to take the time to see, observe and listen to what is happening where you are fishing. This can, for example, be to look for bugs, insect life, check water temperature and bird life. All of this will provide a good basis for the first throw and where to move next. 

The Tactic

One should absolutely be a little strategic in the manner one fishes. That said, and when fishing with children, or the fishing isn’t the first priority, the most important thing is to just have fun. Here it is important to play all the outdoor cards and let the little ones rub the show. However, if you have a little bit of experience, and the goal is to catch fish, the chances increase considerably if you go about it a little more thoroughly.

Don’t Stress

Always fish your way out and preferably start slightly inland. You will be surprised at how many fish are close by. Throw in a fan shape and move towards the water's edge. You then move in the planned direction and continue and cast in a fan shape. Vary the way you fish, don't be too static and feel free to move the rod so that the bait gets a little extra movement. Always be aware of changes. Wind, sun or temperature drops can mean that you have to change tactics along the way. There is always something that triggers the fish to bite. The task is to find out what this is through a systematic and methodical approach.

 “You never know,” said the boy, and continued to fish in the basin.”


Important to think about when going fishing


Reel or Fly

The water in the mountains is almost clear as glass. This can make the fish easily scared. Be careful when you move along the shore. Don’t use thicker line than necessary, 0.18-0.20 monofilament is more than good enough or multifilament 0.12-0.17. If you use a brightly-colored multifilament line, it is a good idea to tie on a snell with a more "invisible" monofilament line.

The color of the lure doesn’t have to mean anything–more important is the weight, the presentation, and gait. Fish-like lures are always effective because they are long-casting. In smaller waters, where the range doesn’t mean so much, traditional spoon lures, wobblers, and spinners work well. Adjust the depth that you want to fish with the weight of what you are using. This also decides the speed and gait to a large extent. Another factor that is easy to forget, and which has a lot to do with the length of the cast, is the gram weight of the rod you are using. This information is on the rod just over the reel mount.  

If you want to try fly fishing, it is recommended to bring a good selection of dry flies, wet flies, and streamers. Then you are equipped for the vast majority of conditions, and they can change quickly in the mountains. If you are not a dedicated fly fisherman with a fly rod, a casting float and fly will do just as well. Some good flies that you should definitely have in your tackle box are varieties of Streaking Caddies, Zulu Silver and Wolly Bugger.  

It must also be mentioned that you must always have two of each in fly or lure. This is to ensure that you are not left without your favorite lure/fly or the one that turns out to work best that day

The Weather  

There is always good fishing weather. This is the only thing with which you need to deal, no matter where you are in the country. So forget biting tables, wind directions, and moon phases. Something you should think about, however, is how the weather affects the fish's positions and movements. There are many variables, and a deeper understanding of this can only be gained through experience. Having said that, you can smile a little extra if the weather shows cloudy skies and wind. If, on the other hand, there is sun from a cloudless sky and little wind, all you have to do is pack the sunscreen and apply it with patience. However, if you are going out fishing on sunny and calm days, look for shade, deeper areas, currents, or go fishing early in the morning and late in the afternoon. 

The Season

Trout, which is primarily the fish you will find in and around Geilo, thrives best when the water temperature is around 12 C degrees. Everything over or under this doesn’t necessarily mean that the fishing will be any worse, but the trout will generally try to use as little effort as possible to eat.

The season begins with the ice breaking. This varies from year to year, but around May 17th, the ice is usually gone around the center of the village. That said, don’t be surprised if you arrive at a frozen lake. The ice melts late in the mountains, and waters located in the high, alpine areas, like Skorpa and the Hallingskarvet mountains, aren’t ice-free before late July, and sometimes early August. If you are unsure, check with the sports stores so you avoid an unnecessary trip. 

Practical information about fishing

Fishing Luck

If you are familiar with these words, then you know what kind of feelings they bring forth. There isn’t much that beats the first time that you catch a fish. It’s an unforgettable moment that has to be experienced. 

Get the Right Kind of Help

If you need refills or equipment, you will find several sports stores in the village center. There you will also find employees with good local knowledge and expertise, so that you get the best possible start on your fishing trip. 


Plan the day and acquaint yourself with the local fishing regulations. Always remember to buy a fishing license, as this ensures future management and fishing enjoyment. If you are unsure about anything, please contact the Geilo Hunting and Fishing Association or the sports stores in the village center.

Most Important of All

If you want to fish this summer, take a trip to Geilo. Have fun and lower your expectations. Breathe through your nose and enjoy the days in the mountains with a fishing rod and fresh fish for dinner. It doesn’t get better or worse than that.

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