Winter Romance in Geilo



Are you longing for a weekend off, do you dream of disconnecting from the world and recharging your batteries? Geilo, the mountains and the opportunities - is the perfect arena to relax and find your way back to each other. Start the weekend by taking the train directly to Geilo, and experience a journey through beautiful winter landscapes and cozy small towns. Once you have arrived in Geilo, you can lower your shoulders, feel the delicious crisp air and enjoy a romantic weekend!


You have booked one of the hotels in Geilo, Vestlia Resort or Dr.Holms Hotell. If you are staying at Vestlia Resort, the hotel car will be waiting at the train station, while at Dr. Holm's hotel you can just wheel your luggage straight from the train into the hotel door. Now you can finally just sit back and enjoy. Another unique experience is Geilo Mountain Lodge, this hotel does not have a spa, but with that atmosphere, charm and wonderful decor, you don't need a spa. Here you can enjoy a wonderful meal and something good in a glass!

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You wake up refreshed, enjoy a long and delicious breakfast, while the sun slowly but surely rises behind the mountain. This weekend will be all about pleasure and magical moments, simple activities and recreation. Although the opportunities at Geilo are many, you may just want some fresh air and easy movement. That is why you choose to take a cross-country ski trip in beautiful surroundings in Budalen, or a few hours in the  ski resort,with a nice lunch. After a day out, it's good to get into the warmth, sit in front of the fireplace with a glass of red wine and enjoy the moment!

After a few hours in front of the fireplace, you change into a robe and slippers, and go down to the spa department. There you can really relax. In the spa and wellness department there is a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and relax beds. Dr. Holm's hotel also has an outdoor jacuzzi. Do you live at Geilo Mountain Lodge you can of course book time at the spa, either at Dr.Holms hotell or Vestlia Resort.

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In the evening you have booked a table at Smakeriet Beefbar, a restaurant with a good atmosphere, rich taste experiences, fresh and local ingredients and a charcoal grill as the heart of the kitchen. The interior is stylish and delicate, and you will definitely feel the romantic atmosphere. After a culinary experience with good food and drinks, you enjoy the last hours in the hotel bar where the fireplace crackles and a soothing piano music in the background. The weekend is complete!

Experience romance



Take romance to new heights! Step out of your comfort zone and do something a little out of the ordinary. Spend a night in the Arctic Dome at Tuva Turisthytte, go skiing under the starry sky, or book dog sledding that can take you directly to Tuva. Or how about dog sledding under the stars with a break around the fire surrounded by torches?

Artic Dome

At Tuva Turisthytte you get luxury glamping with high comfort. After a day in the mountains, it's good to come inside, fire up the fireplace and have something nice to drink, while the wind rustles the tent canvas outside. Relax and enjoy the moment. From a soft and delicious double bed you look straight up at the starry sky. If you're lucky, you can also see the northern lights!

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Dog sledding under the stars

How about a romantic edition of dog sledding? Imagine standing behind a dog sled with a team of dogs who love to run. The sun has set, darkness has descended and the starry sky shows the way as you drive off. After the tour, you gather around the fire, and the area is surrounded by torches. Could it get more romantic?

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Hundekjøring vårtur

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Get more information and inspiration you need to make the most of your mini-vacation, long weekend or just a little romance in everyday life.

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Spa and wellness in Geilo

Do you need to recharge your batteries, detox from a hectic everyday life or simply just nurture your body with wellness, spa and exercise?

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Ice bathing in Ustedalsfjorden

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The winter in Geilo is beautiful and offers a number of exciting activities. Here you will find winter fun for everyone, such as dog

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Search and book accommodations in and around Geilo. Our village offers everything from spa hotels to cabins, apartments and camping. Explore

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Culinary experiences



Geilo has a large selection of restaurants that offer food and drink in all varieties. From the simplest tasty meals, to the most delicious menus with accompanying drinks. Local food also has long traditions in Hol municipality.