Dog and Leash Regulations in Geilo and Hol municipality

Like us humans, the dogs love to go on walks in the free and beautiful mountains. We ask everyone to follow the regulations that apply to travel with dogs all year round.


Leash Regulations from April 1st to October 31st and During All Vacations

During this period, there is a mandatory leash regulation for the sake of the wildlife in the mountains. The dog must be kept on a leash or be securely confined. During the major excursion periods (Christmas, winter and Easter holidays) all groomed, double ski tracks all dogs must be leashed.

Dog Under Control, November 1st to March 31st

The dog can run free on the condition that you have control over it. We recommend that you have the dog on a leash (long line) at the start of the trip and wait until you get some distance away from the main road before you release it. We thank you for showing consideration for others, children and adults, who may experience insecurity in encounters with loose dogs.

Remember Dog-Poop Bags!

We ask all responsible dog owners to bring, not to mention use, dog-poop bags at all times. Dog-poop on the ski track not only looks ugly and unflattering, it is also a general annoyance, and can potentially cause damage to our grooming machines. Thank you for making an effort so that we can keep the regulations for dogs at this level!

Dog Training?

If you want to train your dog, we recommend that you contact the Geilo Hunter and Fisher Association. Here you can buy a training license for the Vestlia terrain (bird dog). You also have an opportunity to sign up your dog for organized dog training.

Equipment and Everything You Need for Your Dog

In the village center, you will find the pet store Min Beste Venn. Here, you will be greeted with knowledge and quality products for your cat and dog. Stop by for a nice, helpful chat and supplies.


If you need help and advice for your animal, you can contact the Veterinarian on duty in Ål and Hol.