Torsetlia Fjellstue og Hyttegrend

Torsetlia Fjellstue og Hyttegrend has a wonderful location on the doorstep of the high mountains, approximately a 35-minute drive from Geilo. Here, you will find delightful hosts with extensive local knowledge, beautiful hiking terrain in both summer and winter, and a short distance to Uvdal Ski Resort, Dagali Mountain Park, as well as rafting and motorsports in Dagali.

Torsetlia Fjellstue and Hyttegrend is located from 1040 m above sea level on Dagalifjell in Uvdal, Hardangervidda east, at the top of Numedal. The place is owned and run by Guri and Reino Skjøtskift, who have run the place for almost 40 years. Torsetlia was established in 1963 by Jenny and Halvor Rennehvammen and it all started with a cafeteria and camping cabins. A lot of exciting things have happened since then. Today, Torsetlia has a normal capacity of around 100 beds spread over cabins with and without outdoor jacuzzis, studio flats, apartments and rooms. The staff at Torsetlia have good local knowledge, and offers short-distance food and personal service in a homely environment where everyone should feel comfortable.


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