Terrain parks in Geilo



At Geilo you will find 3 snow parks, in Vestlia, at Kikut and at Slaatta. Here you will find parks for both newcomers, advanced players and training groups. We are sure you will find your favorite element, jump or park. Park manager Andreas Håtveit, former gold-winning freeskier, was successful with Geiloparken last season, which was voted Norway's best park.

Geiloparken at Kikut

In Kikutparken you can frolic in fun and easy elements in a green-blue line and in the red line you can sharpen your skills on more challenging elements.
Green-blue line goes all the way down with small jumps, boxes and pipes. Perfect for beginners! At the same time, it is a cool line that the more experienced can play in. Red line has many varied elements so that you can challenge yourself and not get bored. The park manager has designed and built some elements that he describes as "completely awesome and something you can do really sick tricks on". The last jump is very special, it is both blue and red, and you can choose how big the jump should be depending on which side you jump on.

Geiloparken in Vestlia

In Vestliaparken, Andreas has taken the terrain, possible amount of snow as a starting point and created a perfect training arena. Here it is staged for quick laps with the t-hook, so you can drive many trips up and down and get the most benefit from the park driving. Here there are many possibilities, and you can challenge yourself in blue and red jumps. It's also nightlight, perfect for evening runs. Vestliaparken maintains high quality, and it is also an important arena for training for sports teams as well as the Norwegian Cup in freeskiing and the National Championships in snowboarding.


At Slaatta you will find a playful park with a good variety of jumps and rails.
The park is for both beginners and advanced. It has a good selection of jumps and rails of varied difficulty. The main park consists of a line of alternating jumps and rails. In all rail sections you have the choice between different degrees of difficulty on the elements. At the children's lift, there are smaller jumps, terrain waves and tubes that are suitable for the very little ones.

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andreas håtveit

Park manager Andreas Håtveit

The park manager in Geiloparken is Andreas Håtveit.

Andreas has won gold in X Games Slopestyle, and after almost ten years as a pro freeskier, he is now park manager in Geiloparken. He planned to become a carpenter, now he is hooked on park building and is constantly finding new creative ways to build the park.