Ski touring to Einsetnuten

Einsetnuten is a nice and short ski touring trip in Skarvheimen that is well suited for beginners in the start phase of the rando career. The trip is short, red-marked all the way, runs in avalanche-safe terrain and has no special dangers on the road. On this ski touring trip you get forest areas, snow-covered flanks, beautiful views and a playful descent. This is a summit trip that provides great value in a short time. The peak can be reached from several starting points and ends on several sides of the mountain.


Facts about the trip

Date: 02.03.2021. To: Einsetnuten Altitude: 1232 moh
Climbing: 219 hm Length: approx 2,5km roundtrip- Time: approx 1h roundtrip

Picture from the parking lot and equipment for the 3 Rando people. Storestølen provided transport.


When we stayed at Storestølen Fjellhotell, we sat in the car that day and followed Fv50 east approx. 5 minutes. We arrived at the marked parking lot on the right side of the road and were greeted by signs to the top of the day, Einsetnuten.

On our way up

We got traps under the skis and were ready for another local treasure of a peak. With sun and blue sky, we imagined that the sun had done wonders with the crowd that had been in the area the last few days. However, we had probably been up too early this morning and the sun had not reached the shadow side of our choice. This was no obstacle and we went through the forest area before the first choice of road. From here we could follow both the right and the western ridge, but we chose to walk on the gentle plain between towards the summit. Here we got the sun in the middle of our face and we could enjoy the last meters up before Hallingskarvet appeared over the bend. On the ridge we kept to the right in the direction of Strandavatnet.

Last part of the forest part. 

At the top

The summit itself was marked with a large rock. From this point we could look out over Skarvheimen, the long Strandavatnet, Blåbergi (1802 masl), Hallingskarvet National Park's highest peak Folarskardnuten (1933 masl), Urvassnutene (approx. 1750 masl), Holsbygda and the ski road over towards Hemsedal. This peak gave the opportunity to see in all directions and the view gave a great return for a few meters of skiing. 

skiing down from Einsetnuten


We chose to take a another path that did not follow the same path as on our way up. We had a fun downhill on the more sun-affected west side and got to make wonderful turns in the glorious weather with Strandavatnet right in front. We kept to the right in the direction of the car and had playful forest driving all the way to the parking lot. There were no special moments or steep avalanche terrain down this descent option.

Map over the area