Geilo Sport

ETABL. 1924

Since 1924, Geilo Sport has ensured that tourists and permanent residents have access to the best in sports equipment and clothing.

In total, the store is over 1000m2 divided into 5 departments. Here you will find well-known brands, but also exciting goods that you will not find in other "standard" sports shops. Geilo Sport has stood for quality - knowledge - experiences for generations. The person who laid the foundation for Geilo Sport was a bold, future-oriented and particularly gifted farmer's son from Dagali - Gunnar Hvammen.

The shop is located in the center of Geilo and has everything you need, whether it's alpine, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoes, outdoors, clothing or fishing equipment. At Geilo Sport you also get a wide selection of shoes, and Geilo Sport is the largest collection of Moon Boots in Norway. Here you also get accessories such as hats, glasses, gloves etc. On the lower floor you will also find a separate department for sports fashion, here you get a wide selection of brands that you cannot find anywhere else in Norway

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Telephone: +47 320 95 555

Mail: [email protected]

Address: Geilovegen 42,, 3580 Geilo.