At Geiloporten you will find local shops such as Samsara, Herleiks and MIMA, as well as several chain stores, groceries, pharmacies and hairdressers. At Geiloporten, they want to give you a pleasant experiences, good advices and quality products. If you're hungry, you can enjoy a delicious meal at Perleporten - also outdoors, while the little ones can play in the play stand which is right next to the tables.

Shops and restaurants at the center: Geilo Apotek, Herleiks clothes, interior and gifts, KIWI, Perleporten Café & Bar, Samsara, Traktøren kitchenware, Vulkan hairdresser, YES toys, Mima Geilo, phoneFiks and Uno X petrol.

Geiloporten offers free parking both in the parking garage (up to 2 hours) and outside the centre. It is also not far from parking at Geilojordet.

Welcome to a pleasant shopping experience!


Contact Geiloporten

Telephone: +47 226 26 220

Mail: [email protected]

Address: Kyrkjevegen 1, 3580 Geilo.