Gry, Bente and Mona are the creative minds behind Omattgjort. They have a creative mind and a big heart for reuse, redesign, organic and hypoallergenic food. Right in the city centre, they have decorated and created an exciting cafe with recycled and redesigned products, and everything in the cafe can be bought. They have an exciting lunch menu with the soup of the day, salads, delicious and healthy raw food cakes and various drinks. Licorice cake has already begun to become legendary. Everything is of course gluten and dairy free!

They create new products from consumers abundance and give old things new purpose. Apart from the frequent use of spray paint, they are also concerned with the environment in terms of what the benefits of redesigning bring. They are passionate about good collaborations, and on the team they have jewelery from Fjellsølv and Edelblume, and in the freezer they have organic lamb meat from Nerol Gård and lovely sheepskins for sale. Omattgjort also has a great collaboration with the Church's thrift store in Geilo.

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Telephone: + 47 905 08 905

Mail: [email protected]

Address: Vesleslåttvegen 21, 3580 Geilo