Annekset Interior was started in 1982 by Reidun Anfinset. Gerd Kolterud took over in 1989 together with Liv Brusletto and has run it alone since 1995. The shop is centrally located in the center of Geilo, and here you will find everything from interiors to houses and cottages.

Annekset offers good service and carries only quality goods, such as lamps, candlesticks, glass, decorative items and furniture. In addition, they carry most of the leading brands in curtains and furniture fabrics. Decorative paint is also sold here and Trine Sommerfelt Simonsen has good knowledge of decorative paint and painting techniques. At Annekset, you can get consulting help for your projects and, in addition, there are skilled seamstresses, who are happy to visit your home.

They deliver total solutions



Contact Annekset Interior

Telephone: +47 320 91 014

Mail: [email protected]

Address: Kyrkjevegen 10, 3580 Geilo.