MinBesteVenn's vision is to be the market's most innovative pet store chain by focusing on quality products and knowledgeable salespeople. MinBesteVenn's mission is to ensure that our best friends get a healthy, long, fresh and active life.

MinBesteVenn leads the market's best quality nutrition products; Eukanuba, Applaws, Vom and Dog Food. At MinBesteVenn you will find a full range from Non-Stop Dogwear and Hunter. They also has a rich selection from Puppia, Hurtta, Baggen and Ruffwear. Within care products you will find an assortment similar to that offered at animal clinics, from Aptus, Trikem, Colonel Omega 3 and Petosan. In fur care you can buy Dezynadog, a care series without chemicals. Andis products can also be purchased at a very favorable price. They is aware of the challenges our friends need mentally, you want to find quality toys from Kong, Starmark, Nina Ottesen. Snack products from Norwegian producer Dalsgård, a large selection from Delisnack and dried fish from the lofoten.

In addition, the pet shop has a basic range for horses, rodents, birds and aquariums.


Contact MinBesteVenn

Telephone: +47 551 34 250

Mail: [email protected]

Address: Vesleslåttvegen 12, 3580 Geilo.